Video: Putting together an ST2130 (ETA2824-2 clone)

It’s been a while since I’ve put up a video, and I always wanted to do one of me putting together a watch movement. A bit tricky, as you are of course more nervous with the camera running, and because I can’t use the microscope whilst filming (as you wouldn’t be able to see anything), so I have to do all the things I usually do under the microscope just with the optivisor.

Nevertheless, here we go:

You might notice that I cut out a bit where I put the pallet fork in – I didn’t mean to do that, but only noticed after I uploaded it to YouTube. As that took two hours, I wasn’t tempted to edit the video again!
The missing bit is here:

I tried a couple of cameras, and my Samsung Galaxy S3 did the best job. Still, I could do with the movement appearing bigger, but I couldn’t focus any closer. Next time, I might need a video camera with a decent macro function…

10 thoughts on “Video: Putting together an ST2130 (ETA2824-2 clone)

  1. Christian, dear Cristian! You don’t know how much of an instructor you are to someone like me…. I am a watch collector and a hobby watchmaker who is completely self-educated. It’s never going to be my profession but I love it! I’m very happy to realize that, according to your handling, I am going to improve myself so much(although I already follow much the same procedure during disassemble and reassemble my watches). I would like you to explain (if you don’t mind) how I am going to search for two tools you used. They seemed very useful to me too. The first one is the one with the red rubber tip you used to catch parts from the parts-container. I couldn’t imagine that there was something like that! The other one is that plastic tool you use to assemble the mainspring. Amazing!
    Thank you very much!

  2. Great video!
    What tweezers do you use in this video? Seem to be more comfortable than the regular bent tip ones…

  3. Nice video Christian! Thanks. I wonder what you are using to pick up the jewels and slide them in place. I have never seen this technique before.

  4. Christian — thanks. Of course I was disappointed that the pallet fork & ballet bridge installation weren’t included — this is something that drives me CRAZY, particularly on this movement. I never seem to be able to install the bridge; when I move it around to capture the pivot, I knock the fork out of place. Any advice? Or maybe a video of just this step…

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