Watch #1000: a little surprise / Omega Seamaster 600 136.011 / calibre 601

IMG_3852Mitka and I were keeping an eye on our internal job numbers, as job #1000 was getting closer and closer… We wanted to mark the occasion somehow, and decided to carry out the work on the watch in question free of charge, and throw in the parts and shipping as well.
So, when the postman brought in a new batch of watches on the 21st of October, we took them in the order we got them handed over, and Gerry was the lucky winner.IMG_3853

Looks like our efforts won’t be wasted – the amplitude is so low that the timegrapher can’t pick up a signal.IMG_3854

The dial is a bit damaged, and the luminous compound of the hands has come off in places. The watch looks a bit tired, but we can help there …IMG_3856

The movement is discoloured, but a good clean in the cleaning machine should take care of that.IMG_3860

The dial damage is well visible in this photo. The old varnish has come off in places.IMG_3861

The bottom plate has the same discolouration.IMG_3862

Time to take apart the movement.IMG_3864

The gear train is visible once the wheel bridge is removed.IMG_3865

Now the barrel bridge has to come off.IMG_3866

The old mainspring will be replaced, too.IMG_3893

The old varnish is removed from the dial.IMG_3964

Coming out of the cleaning machine, the plate looks a lot nicer.IMG_3965

The gear train in place.IMG_3966

And the bottom plate is coming back together.IMG_3972

We have a nice looking timegrapher image, and the amplitude will increase a bit over the next couple of hours to roughly 270 degrees.IMG_3973

The cleaned and re-varnished dial. IMG_3974

The hands go back on.IMG_3976

The case gets a new crystal.IMG_3977

The movement is cased.IMG_3979

And the watch is back together.IMG_3980Looking very nice indeed!


19 thoughts on “Watch #1000: a little surprise / Omega Seamaster 600 136.011 / calibre 601

  1. Great gesture Christian and Mitka…. the comments remind me of the old joke…. I wanted a personalised number plate so I changed my name to GK57 HLD

  2. Hey Christian,
    Great work!
    Question – how did you remove the varnish? and the process for re-varnishing it? can you please shed some light on that? cheers

    Ash (NZ)

  3. Very cool gesture guys! Very classy!

    I’m just glad to see that the backlog is being worked through so that the rest of us can send watches in again! ;P

  4. Personally I think next time the prize should go to the customer who’s first name is closest to Mr Dannemann’s.

      • I bet I’m the only “Christiaan” though! 😉

        Just trying to work out which is cheapest, changing my name by deed poll to Mitka or a service!!?? :))

        • Deed poll itself is cheaper, but the hassle changing everything over to the new name probably isn’t worth it. Your partner might also have a question or two for you… 😉

          • Hi I think changing you name to Mitka is a great idea!;) If you did you certainly would get a free service from me!

  5. I am the lucky benefactor of Christian and Mitka’s generosity. The watch was returned looking the same as the day I bought it in Changi Village, Singapore in 1968. It will now be looked after a lot better than previously, worn on high days and holidays. Thank you both once again. It was like winning the lottery!

    • Congratulations 😉

      Did the watch spend most of it’s life in Singapore? I wonder if the discolouration of the movement was related to heat and humidity…

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