Watch Workshop privacy policy

This privacy policy covers the use of our Google Actions application, that you can use through your Google Home device, or from your phone or tablet.

We do store each invocation of the app with a timestamp, so that we know if the app is being used or not, and to find out what our customers want. Upon request, we will delete the logs for your account. 

We will not pass on any data to third parties.

The application will ask for a passphrase that you will set yourself on, and then recognise you on subsequent visits. We store the anonymised user id that Google sends us against your account, so that we can recognise who you are to give you the correct information about the jobs that you have with us in the workshop.

If you want to sever this link, you can do so through your “mywatch” interface, and we will delete the user token from our records.

We will not send you any communications of any sort because you have been using this application.