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Dear Readers,

If you have read my last post, you know that I’m working on a watch parts database. After some slightly sleep-deprived nights, the first version is live for testing. Don’t be surprised if the site goes up and down a bit, but I guarantee that all data you enter will be safe, and is backed up nightly. So nothing you enter will get lost.

Give it a go at!

If you have any stock of spare parts, please register, and upload your stock. You can do that with a CSV file, or enter line by line. If a manufacturer is missing, let me know, and I will add it for you. It’s beta testing time…

In the next week, I will develop a search functionality (at the moment, you get to see a list of all parts available on the database, which is fine for a couple of thousand), and add other bits and bobs. If you have Ronda staffs, enter them as manufacturer Ronda, and the Ronda staff number as the manufacturer part number, and voila, they will end up in a list of all Ronda staffs with dimensions and compatible movements. Winding stems to follow…



5 thoughts on “ is live!

  1. Christian,

    Once again, your attention to detail has resulted in another fine result!

    I am an watch repair hobbyist, and I read your blog posts so I can learn more from professional watchmakers. In the course of my learning, I have acquired a lot of parts and movements.

    In a previous post, you stated professional watchmakers get preference. Can hobbyists such as myself create accounts and upload data to the database?

    • Steve,

      Absolutely yes – please register and enter your parts data. I just meant that I give preference to colleagues when it comes to selling parts, not for using the system itself.

      Best regards,


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