WatchPro Hot 100

What an honour to be part of this year’s top 100! Talya and I attended the evening do in London, and I was very chuffed to be included in this year’s selection.


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  1. Congratulations, Christian. Brilliant news and fantastic that you are a trailblazer lifting thy myths and ho-ha around watches and their repairs.

    Thing is: the reality is SO MUCH MORE exciting than all the hot air that was blown about.

    All the best, and long may it last!


  2. It is extremely satisfying to see people who deserve it to be praised amongst peers for their excellent and thorough work.

    I also think it is quite delightful that a full 2-page spread was dedicated to you.

    Congratulations Christian!
    Looking forward to your future vintage car website!

  3. Congratulations Christian!

    “The WatchPro Hot 100 celebrates the 100 individuals and teams who the editors of the magazine feel have made the greatest impact in the UK watch industry this year.”

    You have certainly made an impact 🙂

    I hope you had fully recovered from ‘odd drink here and there’ before returning to your workshop 🙂

  4. Richly deserved Christian!
    I’ve never consulted other watchmakers, but for me the deciding factor in asking your help the first time was the very well documented way you work, en explain, and answer questions.
    Cirrus made the same comparison; watch making and car repair; they’re both subjects that I did/do not know a lo about. In both of them large amounts of money may be involved, and lot’s of times emotion as well. Explaining what the problem(s) is (are), what you (propose to) do about it, what the costs are going to be, etc.and documenting your work… to me it’s the most important aspect when choosing a repairer.

    Thanks Christian, and well deserved!

  5. Thanks, everyone! Talya and I had a great day in London, and attended the evening do at One Mayfair. Great fun, and the odd drink here and there was consumed. 😉

  6. It is that “one moment in time” that you will remember for a very long time. Congratulations. You work very hard for it and being recognized.

  7. Das freut mich für dich. Und das nach nur zwei Jahren. Das ist ein großer Erfolg, herzlichen Glückwunsch! 


  8. Congratulations!
    A well deserved appointment. Your way of documenting your work and sharing with the community of watch collectors is something other watchmakers should study as well.
    I hope you took the chance to celebrate it well!

    • Yes… I have seen posts in watch forums where people have asked for a photographic record of their service / repair of their watchmaker and they seem happy to do it – even the big boys like STS.

      Given watch servicing isnt exactly cheap – and given the item being serviced may be hugely expensive – providing such a record of the work and the standard to which it is carried out seems obvious to me.

      I notice some Mercedes garages now offer the same kind of thing with photos and videos… presumably because Merc drivers don’t want to dirty their hands examining removed components to ensure they really were in need of replacement 😉

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