What to buy instead of a fake watch

So you don’t have the money to buy an Omega or a Rolex, but you want a nice watch…

No problem. Don’t buy a fake, buy a real watch. Here is a little selection of affordable watches that look great.


A favourite of mine is Stowa – producing stunning looking watches at affordable prices.

This Stowa Antea can be yours for EUR 650.


Junghans offers timeless classics that are simply beautiful.

Believe it or not, £540 get you this watch. About twice the price of a crummy fake. No comparison.

Check out this great chronograph:

Yours for £1200. A real chronograph.

Christopher Ward

CW has a nice selection of affordable watches with a nice Swiss-made movement.



£560 for this diver’s watch.


Or £460 for this one. Not bad, ey?

So, ditch your fake, and get yourself a real watch. Nothing more embarrassing than getting caught wearing a fake!

10 thoughts on “What to buy instead of a fake watch

  1. christian! some of the images are broken! btw good list. whats your thoughts on the old soviet watches, like poljot and slava?

  2. I was on a lads holiday in 2001 in Kavos and having some left over
    money on the last day I purchased
    a fake Rolex it looked good to me and it worked however about 3 mths later back home it just broke
    I didn’t really mind but it was still £200 down the drain and to be fair
    I was not into watches really back then not like now, and the idea of spending thousands was a no go,
    but now I do spend a bit on watches.
    I can confirm I do have
    Christopher Ward watches and in my view they are great value for money and spec and its a nice feeling its a British brand too. I am lucky I do have real Rolex watches in my collection now and I love them
    it’s that marmite situation you know
    they cost lots more money however I love them and I managed to get them,but 1 thing with me I don’t judge someone’s pride and joy on ££££ it’s the joy that watch does for them so on that note I love
    Christopher Ward Watches as much as i love my Rolex watches.

  3. If you have £300 or £400 to spend and you don’t mind 2nd hand then a whole world of possibilities open up. I picked up a 1970’s Rado chronograph with the excellent Valjoux 7750 movement for under £250 on the bay within the last few months. Quality doesn’t always have to be super expensive! 🙂


  4. I own three CW offerings – a C5 Malven automatic, C5 Aviator
    automatic and a C4 Chrono. I would (and do) recommend CW to anyone
    who wants a solid watch at a good price – especially as they as a
    company really do go to great lengths to provide Customer Service.

    The C4 is old enough to require a service, but it is a Quartz so will
    have to go back to CW rather than to watchguy.co.uk who has an
    irrational hatred of such things 😉

    I have also heard good things about Stowa and (especially) Junghans –
    one of them may be on my Christmas list!

    • Believe it or not, I went on a Quartz watch training course at the BHI last month!
      That doesn’t mean that I like Quartz watches more than I did before, though 😉

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