19 thoughts on “Workshop Tour

  1. Can you give us more detail about the lathe please. Was it new or was it Ebay? because I can’t seem to find any reference to it.

  2. Much neater than my workshop, but then I guess it needs to be 🙂

    Were both the clocks in there radio synched? One at least looked to be…

    • Yes, they both are. But they are also both total pants, and most of the time several seconds off, as they don’t sync regularly enough. I’m still looking for an accurate radio controlled wall clock!

      • I have a digital weather station with radio clock – it does seem to have trouble locking to the sync signal on occasion, and I think it actually prefers the one in Hessen to the one in Cumbria!

        I also have a Eurochron radio wrist-watch which also seems to take ages to sync, but both seem accurate once they are running properly 😉

  3. Very nice setup. Immense amount of products only second to the knowledge in how to use that equipment.

    The only question I have though after watching that?

    Which watch was being worn?!

  4. Lovely looking working environment! I have a question!

    Your workshop is immaculately clean, but my experience of polishing and machining (from motorcycles, so on a different scale) is that the mess it makes is incredible. How do you keep the dust and swarf under control? Do you ever think about having these sorts of machines in a separate room?

    • Ideally, yes. We only polish watch crystals, so that creates a minimum amount of dust, and it’s at the other end of the workshop. We use the polisher probably twice a month or so…
      All case and bracelet polishing is outsourced.

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