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This blog shows my attempts and failures at fixing and servicing watches – I hope you enjoy the posts and photos.

I have been working as a professional watchmaker since January 2012, and I have been a member of The British Watch & Clock Makers’ Guild since April 2015.

I am a German Master of Trades (albeit in car mechanics), so I have a bit of a technical background. I’ve been tinkering with watches since I was a kid and maintain and service our local church clock. A watch is just like a gearbox, only smaller 😉

Ray joined the workshop as an apprentice on 1/10/2017, and finished his apprenticeship in September 2020. He now works freelance at our workshop.

Johannes joined the workshop as a freelance watchmaker in 2017.

If you decide to have your watch fixed and/or serviced by me, this is how it works:

  • you contact me by email and check if I can do the work
  • you go to my Booking page, and book in a service slot
  • once you have sent your watch, you can check on my tracking page if your watch has arrived at the workshop.  It will then take a couple of weeks until the watch makes it through the queue (you can check on that on the tracking page), and I will then either proceed with the work agreed, or give you a quote if you wanted one first.
  • if you don’t want to go ahead with the work, we will send the watch back to you – you only pay a £30 inspection charge and postage back.
  • if you want to go ahead with the work, I will fix/service your watch within 2 to 4 weeks, depending on the availability of parts etc. No inspection charge is due.
  • I can only write a blog entry for some watches, and it tends to be the unusual or interesting watches that get the blog entries.
  • once that’s done, I will send you a paypal invoice for the work
  • when the invoice is paid, I post the watch back to you

I hope you will enjoy reading this blog.

Christian Dannemann (christian@watchguy.co.uk)

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  1. Always enjoy your site and the pictures you post. Sometime I’ll send you my Speedmaster automatic reduced with the DD chrono module, that will be fun!

    Keep up the good work



  2. Very personal and professional service from Ray and team when servicing my Tudor Black Bay 36. The communication and quick turn around were much appreciated with my Tudor now running at its most accurate.

    Thank you,


  3. Christian did an incredible job servicing and tuning my Pierce Mono-pusher. I had very little knowledge of how complex and, unfortunately, cheaply made the watch was. However, in spite of this, the watch is back with me tuned and functioning extremely well. I appreciate their honesty and timeliness, as well as the updates/pictures which allowed me to follow along with their work. I will definitely be a repeat customer.

  4. Truly impressed by the service and bracelet adjustment of my Omega Seamaster.

    I KNOW it’s been serviced because of the very detailed pictures that Watch Guy provides of the whole process.

    I KNOW what accuracy the watch was keeping prior to the service and the improvement after the service.

    I KNOW it’s waterproof because the pictures show the results of the tests.

    I have never encountered a watch service business which provides the level of detail that Watch Guy provides. Amazing, and the pictures have given me an insight into my watch which is truly illuminating.

    Does an Omega main agent service do that for you? Does a service at your local jewelers do that for you? I think not.

    My Constellation has now been registered for a service which I hope they will do. Repeat business is always the best recommendation.

  5. Hallo Christian,
    nochmal vielen lieben Dank für deine Hilfe und die Zeit, die du für mich genommen hast mit der Breitling. Ich freu mich über jeden weiteren Austausch von Infos in einer netten Unterhaltung. Das mit RLX ist eine gute Idee von Dir gewesen. Ich komme da gerne nochmal auf dich zurück bei weiteren Fragen. Vielleicht ist das mein Sprung in die Selbstständigkeit.

    Schöne Grüße

    • Hallo Kevin,

      Es hat mich gefreut, Dir mit der Breitling helfen zu koennen. Melde Dich einfach, wenn Du mal wieder Probleme hast. Alles Gute fuer’s Selbststaendigmachen!



  6. Christian and the team have done an excellent job on my Universal Tri-Compax. Great service, straight communication. The photo’s updates are simply fantastic.
    Will definitely use them again. Highly recommended.

  7. Thanks To Christian and Johannes great service on my Heuer Autavia, really impressed. I received my watch just about 24hrs ago and it is still ‘seconds accurate’ not bad for a 50 yr old watch. Excellent efficient service as ever.

  8. Christian, Johannes and Ray serviced my modest collection of vintage watches and the service was impeccable from start to finish!
    Seeing the progress is a fantastic feature, but the proof in the pudding and better still is how well the watches now perform after the work!
    The same first class attention to detail is given whether a treasured Rolex or a humble citizen which has sentimental value.
    I would highly recommend watchguy and shall return for future servicing, and I understand now how deserved the previous excellent reviews are..
    Thank you Christian and team,

  9. Afternoon christian,

    Found your site through google search regarding an omega de ville 166.033. 565 movement.
    I have seen in the rebuild/ repair you did that you replaced the case tube as part of the fix.
    I have the same watch with a broken stem and missing case tube and crown.
    Might be too simple a job for you but would you be able to fit a new case tube? I am not having any joy sourcing a part anywhere.

  10. Once again, a seamless service and if they awarded ‘Michelin stars’ for watch repairs and customer service you would have more stars than the night sky
    I keep looking for a way to fault the service, even in a minuscule way, but I can’t.

    Joking aside guys, thank you once again, my sub will be following shortly.

  11. I have had all my Omega watches serviced by Christian and team, the latest being my rather temperamental Ladymatic which has played blind mans buff with me over the years – each time Christian has managed to repair it and even though one time had to wear it himself to test it under “normal” conditions.
    Once again playing up I returned it to Christian and today I received it back by registered post (to France) with no invoice – and although not strictly within the warranty period Christian had completed the job under warranty! Many many thanks.

  12. Just a simple huge thank you for the professional and efficient servicing of my Oyster Perpetual DateJust. It is 15 years old and has never kept decent time. The replacement of a worn spindle, nice new hands, a full set of seals all completed swiftly and for less than half the price quoted by our local Rolex jewellery store.

    Can’y thank you enough. I’ll be back in 10 years for a service.

    Oh, and it’s currently keeping better time than it did when brand new!

  13. we recently sent my wifes Rolex to Christian and Ray for work that Rolex had quoted crazy prices and long lead times, Christian and Ray were amazing with their attention to detail and help when they found a problem we were not aware of. We would no hesitation in recommending these guys, thanks a million, its refreshing to work with an honest team not trying to rip you off.

  14. Many thanks To Christian and Johannes for the impeccable service and superb communication on the couple of watches i sent in last month. A fantastic service that i would recommend. Much Appreciated

  15. Christian, i’ve got back my Heuer Autavia I’m so impressed by your work the watch is perfect and runs beautifully thanks again

  16. Thank you so much Christian for your technical advice

    Your skills and sharp eye to spot stuff out off place is truly amazing

    Excellent excellent craftsmanship at its best
    Ramone from South Africa

  17. Their professionalism is quite unbelievable 🙂
    My watch is from the 50’s years, so it’s maintenance was not a routine task, I think… I tried a lot of watch repair workshops before, but non of them could fix the problem of this vintage automatic watch.
    I liked the progress tracking option a lot! Every step is photo documented, and can seen from home, in which phase my watch is. I would asked, when a part replacement became necessary. It was no surprise, or hidden cost, they were fair maximally! They solved my warranty question as soon as they could, on their own cost.
    Thanks a lot guys, I am happy that my watch was in a best hands!
    Keep it up 🙂

  18. I inherited my father’s Zenith Chronometer series 2, now not worn for 28 years, and wanted to give it to my son for his 21st. I left it very late to clean and service, and explored a number of avenues with little success and less confidence.
    When I contacted Christian and his team I was so impressed with the professional quality of his operation; my emails received very prompt replies and explanations to a complete novice were clear and friendly. The service and cleaning were meticulous and in particular the photos were fascinating, they provide a real ink with the watch. I’m sure my son will find them of great interest. There was no pressure at all to take any “extras” and the costs for necessary parts were extremely reasonable.
    Christian and Ray put themselves out to get it back in time for my son’s 21st and it arrived back today in perfect order looking absolutely wonderful!
    Their combination of efficiency, skill, responsiveness and kindness is unique.

  19. A very professional and informative process. Although I have owned my Rolex for over 40 years I haven’t really known anything about it until having it serviced by the WatchGuy. Service that’s every penny.

  20. Christian provides a fantastic service. The ability to have a photographic view of the service process is outstanding, as well as fun. Communication and turnaround are brilliant,all for a very reasonable cost. Couldn’t be happier with the results.

  21. I would just like to say how thoroughly impressed I am with the service and the process. Regular photo updates with comments showing the progress of the service/repair. Such complete transparency and to say value for money based on the above with a prompt delivery back and professionalism throughout I am gobsmacked.
    All I can say is a big thank you to Christian and his team for a fantastic Rolex Explorer 2 service and repair. If he wants them he can service my who,e collection as and when needed.

  22. After months of considering if I should get the WatchGuy to service a watch, I am now just delivering my 4th watch for a service in as many weeks, I found them in a discreet and super clean workshop, full of equipment, and met Christian, Johannes and Ray, and even the guard-dog, who Im sure will get used to me one day ! Great work Guy’s and thanks for being accommodating.

  23. The interesting thing about Christian is that by his own admission he has been a ‘professional’ since 2012. Oh, how the rest of industry would value the acquisition of such a reputation after only 5 years. I was a little worried about sending my Speedmaster off into the blue by post so I decided to call in and see Christian’s setup for myself. For anyone worried that this is a little backyard workshop, your worries are unfounded. I discovered a charming guy in a surgically clean environment equipped with a full range of modern tools (and kitchen/diner) and after a brief chat had no concerns about leaving my watch with him. The whole process has been carefully documented and I have been kept informed at every step of the way. There was no question of forcing solutions upon me and the most economic cost options were always presented despite the fact that he could have made more money out of me.
    The watch has now been collected and is back in full working order. There was a problem with the chronograph which was completely repaired despite all and sundry telling me I only had the option of a complete chronograph replacement. I have spent about a fifth of this watch’s value getting it back to prime condition. Anywhere else I had been quoted nearly 50% of its value.
    So if you are in doubt I can reassure you that Christian is your man!

  24. I would like to thank Christian publicly for bringing back to life a beautiful Omega 30T2RG that had been butchered by previous incompetent watchmakers.

    The watch just crossed the Atlantic back to the US and arrived safely yesterday. It was very well packaged. It is here ticking strongly and accurately on my wrist as I write.

    Thank you!

  25. Hi, just stumbled across your blog and it’s fab!
    I have a vintage Ladies Cartier Tank 18k watch with 18k clip and operated on a winding mechanism that has stopped working. It hasn’t had a service either in a long time and wondered roughly how much it would cost to look at and repair.
    Also do you offer new Cartier straps?

  26. If it’s been asked and answered before, I apologise but I can’t find it. Can you say a few words about the photography; what camera, lens and lightbox do you use for these excellent images?

      • Interesting choice. A great macro lens as standard and all the zoom you can handle. I was expecting to hear about some high end Canon with a special close up lens attachment, tripod, diffused lightbox etc. costing ten times as much, which is credit to your images. Thanks, C.

  27. Hi Christian,

    A couple of questions if you don’t mind. Firstly, I own a quartz Seamaster bought from new in 2008. Will this require any servicing or do I just wait for it to give up the ghost before replacing the movement. (If that happens of course) . Secondly, I also have an Oris Auto Chronograph (7750) that I rarely ever wear. Should this be serviced every 5-7 years, or much more with such little use ?


  28. Just had some very kind and helpful pointers from Christian in ordering a watch mainspring from a UK wholesaler. Thank you for your patience and your time.


  29. Many thanks Christian.
    Just got my Boschett Harpoon back after having the crown and stem re-tightened. A very professional and impressive service. It was worth the wait to get my watch booked in with someone that I can actually trust to do a top job and who really knows what they are doing. Also, a very reasonable price.
    I’ll be recommending you.


  30. I have a micro brand dive watch with a Miyota 9015 movement. The crown has come unscrewed from the stem. Can you give me a rough idea of cost for re-fitting the crown and re-sealing? (The manufacturer said that it is easy to do, but that the movement needs accessing to do it).
    Many thanks.

  31. Hi Christian,
    I have an Omega chrono-quartz 1611 that was given me in 1976 by my father-in-law Jacques Gambard who was himself a watchmaker, owning and operating his own store in Montreal Canada for many years. He has since passed away but the store is still in existence under its original name of Bijouterie Gambard, easily found on the internet in the heart of Montreal. He was a french-man who studied at the Paris School of Watchmaking and worked for Omega after WW 2 emigrating to Canada in 1950. I have never worn the chrono-quartz as I found it too cumbersome. Being related to a watchmaker, I was never without a watch having both a Tudor and a Hoverta. The Omega was kept in a cloth bag for 40 years and is in pristine (never-worn) condition. It was serviced regularly by my father-in-law until his death and I have changed the batteries as required. The watch works and keeps time perfectly. I have seen posts on your website regarding this unique watch and I’m wondering if there is still interest in the model as I am prepared to sell it. Perhaps more knowledgeable people than I, yourseld included could weigh in on the matter. Many thanks,
    Ken McAuslan

  32. Sir
    I just recently purchased a Vacheron Overseas 42042 (much like the one you serviced in your blog post) that I intend to become my daily watch, hopefully for a very long time. Fully aware of the Vacheron service prices (starting at 1000£) I am now trying to find a good person to entrust my baby to on a yearly basis while trying to minimize the correspondence with Geneva. Regarding Vacherons part blockade of late, would you accept such an aspiring relationship? 🙂

    My very best
    H Petri

    • A yearly service is way over the top, and will do the watch more harm than good. Every 5 years is fine, and every 7 years isn’t too shabby, either. Please have a look at our booking page, and try to get a slot on 13/2.

      Best regards,


  33. Thank you Christian and Mitka for the professional and quick repair. I’ve loved following the progress of the service and repair via your photos.

    The Rolex is sparkling (but with the dings and patina of 50 years of wear all present and correct) and keeps time better than it has in years.
    Thank you gents for all the hard work, the patience (especially with the crystal!!) and love of the craft.

    I’ll be recommending you wherever I can.



  34. Just want to thank Christian and Mitka for the prompt,speedy repair.
    I’m sure the MB F1 team take lessons from these two!!

    Posted out my Longines on Monday, received back in full working order, plus a caramel bar on Wednesday. Outstanding!!
    Thank you gents, for all the hard work, the patience and friendship.

    Without these two souls, I’m sure a lot of watches would be consigned to the cupboard, never to see the light of day.

    All the best

  35. I have just got my watch back from a service and have been amazed by the whole process. Its a leap of faith to get a recommendation on a cycling forum, then post a Rolex from Germany in a €5 Jiffy bag but it all worked better that the watch I sent for repair. The photographs of the innards are intriguing as well as being the desktop pictures on my laptop, response to mail enquiries, again, outstanding.
    So its back on my wrist, ticking away and hopefully good for another 20 odd years.

    Many thaks and all the very best Christian and Mikta. Superb.

  36. I have just had my Datejust serviced and repaired and i have got to say that i honestly haven’t come across service like this before. My watch was photographed through the whole process so as to allow me to see what was actually going on, this alone takes up time, the turnaround time was 2 weeks and Christian answers emails virtually straight away.
    Okay, nothing unusual there some might say albeit for the price i was charged.
    The best value for money i’ve ever come across so all i can say is thank you very much Christian and Mitka, all i can say to everyone else is spread this website far and wide because the service is second to none.

  37. I’ve just had my Omega Seamaster ref:176.007 calibre 1040 restored by Christian and it is now working as good as new. Having suffered from water immersion the movement had to be completely rebuilt – a job that had been turned away by two other watch repairers before I discovered the WatchGuy, who I would recommend to anyone who needs their watch serviced.

  38. Just to echo the positive comments here. I love looking through the projects and the pictures really help to demystify the inner workings of this beautiful little masterpieces. Everyone’s tastes are so different and it is great to see that celebrated.

    I will definitely be sending you my boring Tudor and then maybe my Ebel after that. Thanks for sharing your work.

  39. Hello Christian

    Thankyou for sharing your work, it has encouraged me to buy an old Helvetia to strip down, clean, oil and hopefully put back together.

    Phil B

  40. Tengo 20 años y me encantan los relojes.
    Reparo algunos automáticos de cuerda y cuarzo. Estoy aprendiendo de un maestro de 50 años muy bueno. Me encanta tu blog.


  41. Tengo 20 años y me encantan los relojes. Aprendí mucho de un amigo mío, el es una persona de 70 años, y me enseño a dar servicio y reparación a algunos relojes automáticos y de cuerda y cuarzo, aquí en México no es muy común encontrar el tipo de relojes que tu reparas. Y de verdad te envidio. Un saludo maestro.

    Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, México !!!

  42. Christian

    Just to say thank you for the work you did on the Rolex 753.

    Looks much better and is keeping excellent time.



  43. Hi, Christian.
    I googled around and stumbled over your blog and by the first look of it, I already love it! This is the kind of site I have been looking for for ages. Someone that has a talent restoring and servicing watches and posting explanations and pictures like you do? I couldn’t ask for more!
    I have been following people like you for a while and I wish I could work on watches like that on a hobby level. Unfortunately I don’t know where to start learning about it. Maybe you’ve got any tips for an amateur? 🙂

    Again, love your site and you have got yourself a steady reader from now on 🙂
    Looking forward to future projects!

    -Reidar, Norway

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  45. Dear Sir ,
    I have an orient 3star that i bought second hand and it needs looking at it
    was bought off ebay and supposed to have been serviced but it run very well at the start but has now started gaining time could you look at it I also hace a omega seamaster which needs looking at.
    Many Thanks
    Stan Gray.

  46. Hello,

    I like this blog a lot! Very inspiring and instructive. Respect!
    Everytime I read a item my fingers start itching… .
    May I ask if it would be possible to make a “how to” clean a watch? I know you use a ultrasonic cleaner, but what are de “do’s” and “dont’s”, and different stages you go through, what kind of products do you use etc… ? Or is it just in and out the tank?

    Thanks in advance!


    • Hi Jelle,

      Sorry, I completely overlooked your post. I use L&R cleaning and rinsing fluids, which are solvent and not water based. I have a cleaning machine which is a clone of the traditional Elma with the three glass jars, which works really well.
      You can buy one of those cheap ultrasonic cleaner on eBay, and put a bit of water in them, and then use small glass jars with cleaning fluid that you put in the water “bath” in the ultrasonic tank. Works a treat!

  47. Hello Christian

    I m crazy about automatic watches and hand winding watches.
    I was googling for some °how to° info about an omega seamaster cosmic and i got stuck in your blog more than an hour!Amazing work and amazing watches!
    Greetings from Greece.
    Wishing you all the best for your wife

  48. So I was wondering, what does a person who actually gets to take apart this marvellous machines (and more importantly, put them together again!) wear on his wrist? What would you wear if money and supplies were no object?


    • I’m currently switching between my Omega Constellation, my Bulova Accutron and my Rado.

      If money were no objective, I’d have a George Daniels, please!

      • I bought an Accutron after seeing one on your Blog… clearly I am an advertisers dream.

        I read recently that George Daniels’ personal collection of watches were up for sale – presumably including his Patek Philippe which he converted as a test unit for the co-axial escapement… now that would be something to possess!

  49. What an utterly fabulous guy Christian is. He fixed my inherited Omega Constellation for a tiny fee, and I was faced with a minimum £350 bill just for a high st jeweller to send the watch off for a ‘service’. Brilliant service, incredibly fast. It’s so nice to know there are still trustworthy people who are passionate about their craft.
    Thank you so much.

  50. Christian, I really enjoy your blog and razor sharp pictures. I am amazed of your skills and production, knowing that this is not your daytime job.

  51. A very nice site, Christian, and a very informative format!

    As a beginner in the watchmaking hobby, I appreciate your illustrated narrative and, indeed, it helped me take apart & put back together a watch
    I’m reading up on all the projects — maybe I will entice you one day with one of my vintage Girard Perregaux.

    Thank you

    • Hi Greg,

      Glad you like my little blog.

      I think I could very easily be enticed by a vintage Girard Perregaux, let me know if you are interested to see that on this blog.

      Good luck with your watch-related endeavours!


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  53. Nice and informative site. I put a link to it in our blogs sub forum. Hopefull some of our members and lurkers will stop by and enjoy your work.



      • I thought about a watch service with you but I am not convinced by the passive aggressive ‘slot tick down feature’ you use! I notice after a quick google search you are a clever salesman company-wise and although you may of started off with good intentions regarding watch repairs i’m of the opinion you are now dedicated to self promotion in building up another lucrative business. There is nothing wrong with this however I will be simply using a more straightforward company with a transparent booking in procedure.

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