Price List

These prices are valid from 1/8/2021. Anyone sending in their watch for a service/repair before 1/8/2021 will still get our old prices.

All prices exclude spare parts. I will fit a new mainspring when servicing your watch, and they cost between £12 and £50 (e.g. for a Rolex original).
All other repair work, including fitting new crystals, is usually included in the service price unless it is extensive. Case and bracelet cleaning is also included in the price, but not polishing.

Waterproof testing is included dry (e.g. in a vacuum) or wet if requested. Please be aware that most vintage watches aren’t waterproof, and can’t be made properly waterproof. This has to do with corrosion of the case and pendant tube, and the rubber gaskets dissolving / disintegrating. These can’t always be replaced (e.g. crown gaskets).


Service Price
inspection charge £ 30
manual wind, with or without date £ 170
Manual wind, not shock protected £ 180
automatic, with or without date £ 190
complex automatic with or without date, e.g. Rolex, Omega Co-Axial, etc. £ 230
extra charge for monocoque watch cases * £ 40
extra charge power reserve indication £ 30 – £ 80
manual wind chronograph with or without date, no hour recorder £ 280
manual wind chronograph with or without date, with hour recorder £ 300
automatic chronograph with or without date £ 330
Ratrappante additional charge £ 100
Triple date, non-automatic £ 300 – £ 450
Triple Date Chronograph £380 – £550
Omega Chronostop £ 280
JLC Futurematic £ 300
alarm watches, manual wind £ 240
alarm watches automatic or complex £ 280
Watch Inspection £ 50
fit new balance staff £ 40
re-bush plate or bridge £30 per bush + material
Take old varnish off dial, re-varnish £ 40
new luminous compound on two hands, standard colours £ 20 as part of a service, £25 otherwise
re-paint hands £ 10 per hand
waterproof testing dry (vacuum test) £ 20
waterproof testing dry and wet £ 40
other complications please ask
Hanhart Stopwatches
Broach seconds hand; tighten; reset to 0 £ 30
Replace broken seconds arbor and hand (including materials) £ 70
Take off hands; reset to 0 (if broaching not required) £ 20

* Monocoque cases make our work a lot harder, as there is no movement access after casing, so a final adjustment after testing often involves taking the watch apart again. Monocoques add on average over an hour to the time we spend on a service, so we do have to charge for that.
Postage UK first class signed for £5, special delivery £8, overseas £11. Insurance is not included, as that normally isn’t a good deal. You pay way more than the risk of actually losing the watch in the post is worth. If you want insurance, please let me know.

Please don’t leave comments on this page. Use the “Contact” link to send me an e-mail for all enquiries.

181 thoughts on “Price List

  1. My UNIVERSAL GENEVE POLEROUTER DATE Vintage swiss automatic watch 1958 have a cracked glass so I would like to repair the cracked glass. How much will it cost?

  2. I have a 1956 Certina gent’s watch which is of sentimental value.
    It has cracked glass but otherwise very clean for its age.
    The movement is stuck, tapping gets it moving for a few sec.
    Can it be restored at a realistic price ?

    • Send the watch in to him for a full service, new crystal and mainspring replacement. It can be fixed.

  3. SW200-1 movement not working. All parts in tact. Not very old movement. Is it worth servicing / repairing, or cheaper to but a new movement? How much to fix, please? New movement is about £125+VAT where applicable.

  4. Hi there.just bought omega chronostop ebay.would like second hand painted red or orange.plain silver atm.wondering if you could do that and roughly how much and if so a time scale. Best regards Steve ogles.

  5. Hello !
    How much is to a general revision on Omega X-33 cal 1666 with broken lcd display repair?


  6. I have an Omega Seamaster I received as a gift approximately 17 years ago. The watch looks like a new watch, I rarely wear it, but I love it. The only problem I have with it is I cleaned the bracelet on it once and unknowingly removed the brushed finish and now have a high gloss finish. Actually looks nice, but I want the original finish. Can you help? It never has been serviced either, was wandering if you might be able to work up something for both. Thanks

  7. Hi Christian,

    Are you able to source replacement crystals for Rolex Oysterdate Precision? If so, could you confirm how much these cost?


  8. Hi.
    I have a Tudor Oysterdate 7962 manual watch. It keeps good time, & has no known faults, but, I don’t know how good it’s water resistance is as it probably has never had the seals changed from new.
    I read about possible case corrosion problems, but I;m thinking changing the seals must be a good move.

  9. Hi Do you regrain and polish out scratches from watch cases. re: Seiko 6309- 7040 pref to manufacture’s grade . Regards, Jaz

  10. Hi Christian,

    I might have missed it, but what’s the turn around for a:
    Omega Seamaster 1040Cal. (Bottom dial hand need paint or replace) also check for waterproof( I know you mentioned above about making those watches waterproof/do to the age etc…) mine is in excellent condition and have been restored, servicex2 in the past 3 years…)

    Also a Breitling Jupiter pilot needs new dial as colour faded, and perhaps a new hands or repaint the luminor which was services and done 2 years ago but I can see is flaking off…

    Thank you

    • Hi Paulo,

      Turnaround time is current 5 weeks. Please use the booking form on our web site – I’m afraid we can only accept 50% of bookings at the moment, though …

  11. Can you confirm the price of fitting a new balance staff ii can send you the old balance c/w the broken staff?

  12. Good day,
    I have an Orient Mako XL Fem75004b. This watch is relatively new (2-3 months old). It is my first automatic watch and I broke the day pusher while experimenting with the saphire crystal replacement. Will you be able to fix this? Also if you have access to it can you replace the black dial for a blue one (model Mako XL Fem75002DR). If any of this is possible can you give me a quote please?
    If not can you point me in the direction where I can find parts? I know you mentioned cousinsuk to someone before but can you tell me what part and size I require. I know its a lot, I appreciate any comments. Thanks !

  13. Hello Greetings
    My Question: I like to buy (Had ones one) a German 1940s Wehrmacht Watch
    perhaps mostly to get from Ukraine on ebay..cost today about £200/ it worth
    buying,since a Service cost £150? I remember my old Watch was very accurate
    even was “Waterproof” since I fall twice on Post War Manoever in water with it?
    For friendly answer very thankful

    Best Regards Jurgen

  14. I have a replica Rolex explorer 2 and the stem wont lock in to the movement so unable to change time or date
    How much will it cost to fix?

      • Hello Christian

        I have read one of your blog note that you don’t service any replica watches, I may ask why is that? It may be a replica but of course it’s the movement is genuine from different brand.

        I do servicing on ebay for all watch brand including replica aswell. Is anything that I should be concern about?


        • Hi Mat,

          Not only are these watches illegal, but they also finance organised crime. Two good reasons not to touch them.

          Best regards,


          • Hi Christian

            Thank you for the quick reply. I will take that as a note



  15. Hi I have a Rolex GMT 11 looking for a service quote please 2002 has been worn daily for 10 years had a service and only slightly worn since, the company I had it serviced at Watchfinder did a crap job and had the watch for 8 months as it had to keep going back but it keeps good time now

  16. Hi, I have a Tissot Couturier automatic T035627A. The watch is working fine apart from the power reserve is only lasting a few hours when taken off at night. It’s never been serviced so this may be the cause or potentially a weakened main spring?
    Is this something you can do and if so what would the cost be?

  17. Hi I have a fossil q wander smart watch and one of the arms has broken off where the strap attaches. Do you repairs these kinds of things?

  18. Hi, I have a vintage Omega f300 that works but gains 5 mins per day.
    I guess it needs a service.

    How much am I looking at please.


  19. What an amazing service
    Contacted you via a company in the US whilst we live in the UK we are absolutely delighted with the fantastic customer service and prompt responses to email as well and enjoying our items

  20. I have an Omega Seamaster Quartz. I have read you don’t service them, it’s loosing time but the battery is good. Normal second hand sweep. Do you have any recommendations as to who I can send it to for repair.

  21. Write more; that’s all I have to say. It seems as though you relied on the video to make your point. You know what you’re talking about, why waste your intelligence on just posting videos to your blog when you could be giving us something enlightening to read?

  22. Hi Christian, I am from the US and also a 30 year plus watchmaker. Just between you and I, isn’t it amazing the amount of stupid questions one in our field receives? I just had to throw that out there from reading some of the comments on your page. If I can help you with parts or something in the future, just ask. Take care, RA

  23. Hey Christian. I’m a fellow watchmaker working in Houston, and came across an unusual problem recently. I love your work and thought you might be able to help me. A customer brought in a Rolex Seadweller with a caseback that was locked into place due to a terrible mis-threading. It seemed as if someone just forced it close without making sure it was aligned. I applied all my normal tools and tricks and still not even a budge. What would you suggest to do, and if we force it off how much average would it be to re-thread it?

    • Uh-oh. There are some people advertising case back thread repair. I have tried some on the past, but never had a good result. My advise is to let the customer take the watch to Rolex. They will replace the case and case back, and that’s the only proper way forward I’d say.

  24. Hi

    I have an Omega Seamaster 1120 watch and recently the button/hand that is used to wind up the date/time is loose and no longer works and seems to be able to be pulled out and exposes the spring.

    Can you advise the cost of repairing this?


  25. Hi Christian,

    I know you don’t do quartz watches, but does the Grand Seiko Spring Drive fall into this category ?. It does have a quartz crystal, but its not battery powered – so I’m not sure how to categorise it.
    I only ask, because servicing a GS Spring Drive entails sending it back to Japan for servicing, which takes months.

  26. Hi,

    I know you don’t usually do quartz watches, but I saw your piece on replacing the Tag movement.

    I have a Tag Link Chronograph CT1111-0. The hour and minute hands work fine but the chrono dials don’t move, though they do spin when resetting to 12 position. Can this be the battery or do you think it’s a new movement? Is the movement still available. It’s a great looking watch, as worn by Matt Damon in the Bourne Identity film.



  27. I am thinking of buying a 1961 Omega Seamaster. What is the chance of this being waterproof after a service?

  28. Hello,

    I have had a watch for some time simply sitting in a cupboard, I was wondering if you would have any idea about the model and what it is worth. Otherwise, if you had any information as to where I may be able to gain such details.

    The watch: Emporio Armani Women Silver/Black IP Plated Steel Band Black Dial Watch AR5451

    Many Thanks

  29. Hi
    I need spare parts for Venus 178
    1-slading gear spring Nr. 8325
    2-Hour Hammer Nr. 8680
    If you have this parts can you send to Germany?
    How much it’s cost?
    Thank you very much

  30. Hello,
    I am an scholar and I have a search about the cost and weight of spring which is used in a watch.
    That is kind of you to help me about that.
    Your sincerely,

  31. This is the only place I can find to leave a review of watchguy’s work: excellent, in every possible way. I’m delighted with the way that Mitka has brought new life back to my dad’s watch. Great contact throughout plus he posted photos of the work in progress.


  32. I see that you’re open to servicing the feared movements with Dubois Depraz modules (1140/3220). Does that fall under the “automatic chronograph with or without date” category, or would it have a special pricing?

    Would there be any difference in servicing cost if the DD module either does or doesn’t need repairing? Thanks

      • A followup to that–if the DD module was functioning fine and didn’t require servicing, would it be a lesser charge to just service the ETA base movement? So would it be one of the regular automatic (no chrono) servicing rates, or would it still be the automatic chrono rate? Thank you

        • If that’s the case, we will only charge for the movement service. From experience, the DD modules use more and more power over time, and will decrease the amplitude of even a freshly serviced movement considerably. If that’s the case, the module will need servicing as well.

  33. hi I have a daytona rolex. I have lost the pin holding strap to watch. can you tell me how.much this would be to repair?

  34. Hi

    I have a rolex datejust 1601 that needs a service.

    I also need the hands relumed, and possibly the dial although i dont believe that there is any lumed parts on there at the current moment.

    once the service has been completed, would you say it would be water resistant as it should be.

    what would the cost be for the above?

    thank you

  35. Hi, I have a speedmaster 3510.20 (White dial) I believe this is the 1140 cal. Do you do service including the chrono? how much?. Thanks!

  36. Hi Christian
    I have a 2006 Rolex get 2 works perfect but I’ve noticed lately that if I shake the watch from 12 to 6 something is hitting the back of the case like something is loose in the back of my watch any ideas on price or would a service solve this?
    Many thanks

  37. Hi I’ve got a seagull watch and just want to get it going,when u go to wind it up it Just won’t go. Wondering how much it would cost to get going?

  38. Hello Christian
    I have a Tudor rotor self winding, it recently just stopped working, I assume the spring has gone, I know it is quite old. The Perspex glass with Cyclopes date window will also need replacing. I am currently a missionary in Sierra Leone, a friend is returning to UK, may we have your address and am I correct assuming £130 will cover the cost?
    Every blessing in the New Year

  39. Hi Chris
    I have a Tudor rotor self winding, quite an old one, it just stopped working, perhaps the springs gone, l am currently as a missionary in Sierra Leone, a friend will return and send it to you for repair, How long does repair and return take? Am I correct ar cost of £130. May we have your address.
    Thank you

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  41. Hi Chris, I have a 6694 I would like to service. It currently reads on an electronic timegrapher with a beat error of 3.2 ms and 214sec/d. Can I enquire

    1) If the standard service of £110 includes replacing all the two O-rings and case gaskets? If not how much would the case gasket and the rings cost?

    2) After the servicing what reading can the watch be expected to achieve on the timegrapher, and what reading range should it maintain during the one year warranty period after the service? i.e. up to what accuracy level does the 1yr warranty cover.
    Thanks for in advance for reply to my enquiry.

    • Sorry, only just saw that. Best to send me an email with such specific questions.
      Yes, we replace the gaskets, and they are £3 to £4 a shot. We will get the beat error below 2ms, and the amplitude over 270, if that’s possible. This might require a new balance staff, or whatever else is needed, but this also depends if we can find the parts we need, and if you are willing to pay for them.
      Best regards,

  42. Hello,

    I have a Rado NCC 505, which used to belong to my father. It wasn’t worn for a while, then I used it for a year or two quite happily but then it just stopped, and hasn’t been worn for 5 years or so.

    I suspect it needs a good clean and service, and the case could use a buff!

    I understand that there are special waterproof gaskets involved – but nevertheless, would you let me have an idea of cost for a decent service?



  43. Hi…its me again!

    Having just seen your photo I realise that I know you, and you live in my village 🙂

    I live opposite the post office. Could you drop me your phone number please?


      • Thanks, Christian.

        I will send my wife over as I am not around at that time. I think she may have spoken to your wife this morning


      • Christian

        Would you mind editing my message above which contains my phone number, please? I’d like to publicise your blog on a forum I use but it wouldn’t be wise to have my phone number revealed



  44. Hi. I have a 1994 Omega Seamaster Professional 200m quartz midsize, with sword hands. The hands need reluming, and I wouldn’t mind a water-resistance check. Could you quote me for this please?


  45. Hello,

    I stumbled across this website and you friendly and knowledgeable enough that I thought I’d reach out to you.
    I’m in the process of acquiring a 1990 ladies DateJust for my fiancé’s birthday. The year of production is specific as that’s when she was born.

    I was just wondering if you know what the service intervals are for these, and if you have any tips or advice when purchasing a vintage rolex.

    Kind regards
    Nash Patel

  46. bonjour je suis a la recherche d’un case back d’omega dynamic ladies. pouvez vous m’aider? please

  47. Hi there,
    I have a 1959/60 Omega Seamaster Automatic with date which could do with restoration and cleaning. Is this one you could do and can you give me a ball-park cost – the watch runs and keeps good time as is, but is dirty inside and out.
    Where are you based?

  48. Hi Christian. I have an Omega pocket watch s/n 4060190 from 1912/1913. it is in a bit of a state and I wonder if it is worth redeeming.
    It does run but only for a very short while as the mainspring seems broken. In addition the minute hand is missing and it needs a new crystal.
    Apart from that, it’s fine :-).
    Is it worth your attention and, if so, what is the likely cost?

  49. Hi Christian,
    I have an Enicar- Shepa Jet. The second hand moves when I rotate the watch but not the minute and hour hands. I suspect the problem is with the automatic mechanism, as the watch is quite old and I am not sure if spare parts are still available. Can it be repaired? Thanks Ken

  50. I’ve recently come across an Omega f300 battery powered wristwatch that was my father’s. It’s in need of a service as a new battery doesn’t get it working. Is this something you can do as I don’t see battery watches mentioned on your price list?

  51. Hello,

    I recently acquired a Rolex 6694, dates from 1980 on the serial, although it carries a 1210 caliber? The movement was swapped?

    Best regards

  52. hello,
    I have a Zenith El Primero Subsea “pilot diver” this one stops at date change and surrender zero is not done correctly
    You can also change a glass because it scratched strong?
    Best regards

    • I can’t tell you, as we first have to see what parts are needed, and if they are available. As gaskets and the crystal will not be available, you are best off sending the watch to Zenith.

  53. hello
    I have a Zenith El Primero Subsea “pilot diver” this one stops at date change and surrender zero is not done correctly
    You can also change a glass because it scratched strong?
    Best regards

  54. I have a Seiko 6138-0020 chronograph. It is running fine.
    Can you provide a service estimate?

    Thanks in advance..

  55. ‘allo mate,
    thinking of bying a serviced vintage Seamaster (135.018 in monobloc case)
    that needs a replacement setting lever. Any idea of your approx. charges for this?

  56. Hello,
    I have a G-P Gyromatic with date, it winds by wrist movement and keeps time but it can’t be hand wound, the crown is extremely stiff and grinding feel to it. I took it to a watch shop who sent it to their repair centre, who sent it back saying the parts are no longer available (no other details). Is it something you could fix and what would be the price? Thanks.

  57. Hi Christian how much will Kost me , a Service for Rolex 16013 with 3035, Movment have a Problem it is a hack every time wenn i set the Time hack Stopps the Balance and Stay in that Position .somthing ist wrong with a hack and Setting leaver .

    • As per price list, a full service is £160 plus parts, and that will also address the issue with the hacking lever. Just prepare for a bit more for parts, as something will be broken – most likely the hacking lever.

      Best regards,


  58. Hello Watch Guy or anyone else that reads this and can help: I have a 1979 Concord Delirium 1 Quartz 18k gold watch 1.98mm thin(worlds thinnest watch at that time) requires a battery change-original from new was RENATA 32 OR 333 but both these are no longer in production.Can you please help…thanks

  59. Hi Christian,
    I own a 2007/8 Oris Wiliams F1 Pointer Date with Oris 754 movement (modified Sellita SW200-1).

    It is my daily watch, I am an Engineer and as such this lovely watch has a hard life. It manages to run between -15 to -21s/day.

    Can you give me an idea on cost of replacing the rubber strap (quoted £100 for replacement OEM rubber strap), crown and bezel, re-brushing and polishing up the body, fitting new front and back crystals, general service, new main spring and re-regulating?


  60. I have a Poljot Chronograph Manual wind. Its starting to lose about 10 minutes per day. Can you service/fix one these? And if so what would the approx costs?

    Cant find a model number for it sorry.



  61. Hi, I have an Omega Seamaster Cosmic that winds itself but the case is worn and where the strap is fixed to the watch is also worn. The watch is about 43years old and is also gold but not sure if it is real gold or something else.
    I believe I need a new case.
    Is this possible and what would you estimate the cost to be?
    I look forward to your reply.

      • Alternatively, dials can be repainted for around 100 gpb, sometimes slightly less. I’m not sure the best place to do this, but there are some places in Germany and the US at a minimum. If the dial feet are broken, new ones can be soldered in place. The repainted dials can look very close to the origional.

  62. I have a ladies Rolex Oyster Perpetual Lady Datejust which I left with Rolex for a service. They now advise that I need a new tube and crown so in total with the serice it will cost me approx £1000. does this sound right? Why would I need these parts to be replaced? The watch is approx 4-5 years old and has recently been losing a little bit of time but seconds rather than minutes each day,

  63. Where can I find a watch case replacement for my rose gold zenith Cal. 40 watch?
    The current case was made in Italy in 14K gold but allow and frail. I appreciate any info you can provide.

  64. I have a ladies Rado jubile 153.0339.3 The case back has gone missing from the last local shop I took into for changing battery, there is an ongoing battle between us ever since. The part number for the case back is 82.153.0339.3 Is there any chance of getting it for me and fix the watch? If you can how much it may cost?

  65. I have an Omega Ploprof 600 in need of minor service. There is a ‘clutch’ mechanism that fits into the ratchets of the date wheel preventing it from moving off its selected date. That clutch is held against the inner ratchets of the date wheel by a flat wire spring. I accidentally dropped the watch and the date wheel is now no longer aligned and i very much suspect the flat spring has dislodged.

    Are you able to work on Omega Ploprofs. My local Omega service centre is not able to service it but is willing to send it to Bienne…not my first choice given the rather large expected final bill.

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  67. Hi watch guy, I have a replica automatic watch which does no seem to hold charge anymore, what would it cost to get it back in a full functioning order?

    Thanks, lynden

  68. I have an oyster datejust i bought new in 1981, it has been serviced twice and has been perfect for all these yrs.It was never a daily wearer, mostly occasions and trips. Was winding it one morning and i felt the case vibrate slightly which told me the mainspring had broken. I would be greatfull if you could repair it for me, and give me a price please.

  69. Hi, I have two Omega movements that I would like to have serviced….a 2500C and a 1120. Do you carry out the service on loose movements (i.e not fitted in the watches & without the dial or hands fitted) ?

  70. hei my name is shlomi and im impress of you work im a watchmaker to adn im 34 years old and i want to move to the usa to work in my proffesion and i want to ask you if you recomend to move from israel to get work and sorry for my english i will be happi if you anser my

    • Hi there, I’m based in the UK, so I wouldn’t know much about working in the USA. You can work as a watchmaker wherever you live, anyway. But you have to learn the trade first! I’m sure there are many talented watchmakers in Israel from which you can learn the trade as an apprentice.
      Best regards, Christian

    • hei again its shlomi so first iwant to tank you for answer me and i want to tell you that i already open a small buisnice in houston texas and i have doing very good: my questions is aboult the hairspring. what are you duing in a case that you get watch with hairspring that dameged aspeciali the vintage rolex i use someone that help me with this. what im saing is that you cannot charge the costumer to hight price . and this is my bigger problem please give me some advice
      thanks a lot

  71. My Rolex Sub 14060 stopped working all of a sudden today. A quick trip to the RSC revealed that the barrel needs replacing. Would that be included in a full service of the watch? How much am I looking at cost wise?

    • An odd diagnosis … I can imagine that it might need a new mainspring, but knowing that it needs a new barrel without taking the watch apart and checking the barrel itself is a bit rash 😉 With a bit of luck, a normal service + a new mainspring will sort it out.

  72. Hello
    I have an Omega Seamaster Cosmic watch that belonged to my father.. I would like to put a new battery in it but I have read that some only open from the front so I don’t want to take it to a jeweller who possibly doesnt know how it opens. Are you able to tell me how it opens? Thank you

  73. Hi,

    I have a Tissot with a ETA 2824-2, and soon Swatch Group will cut supply of movement parts. How will this affect independent watchmakers like you? Will there be possibilities to for example source mainsprings from other manufacturers? I wouldnt mind having a chinese made mainspring in my ETA movement, if that is what it takes…

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  75. Hi I have a omega seamaster model number 135.011 I believe it’s 1965 ish. I would like it serviced and given the once over. I believe it may have had the crown replaced as the logo looks slightly different. How much to also replace the glass or refurb. I also will need a second hand as is rusty and also the other two hands will need a look.

    Many thanks


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  77. I have a 1976 Lemania ex military wrist watch which is in need of repair.

    As a minimum the watch requires a complete service, new crystal and a
    replacement crown. As the crown is missing I have no idea if the watch works,
    and whether further work is required to the mechanism.

    I’m not sure of the retail value of the watch, but as the watch was owned by my late Grandfather it is of sentimental value also.

    I can email through photos also if required, but would need to consider what the cost of repair would be against potential value also.

    PS – best looking watch repair website I’ve seen to date !

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