Repair + Service: Omega Seamaster calibre 1020

This Seamaster suffers from an obvious problem: broken or missing dial feet. Nick sent it in, and I’ll see what I can do.

The dial has no more feet, and the broken feet are stuck in the dial ring – together with some glue. So someone has attempted a repair before me, and glued the dial and feet to the dial ring. That obviously didn’t last, and never really works. You either need a new dial or you have to solder new feet to it. Nick actually pointed me to a dial soldering machine that he saw on YouTube, and I found one on eBay UK that I ordered.

The movement also needs a service, and I take it apart.

The parts go into the cleaning machine.

I start reassembly with a new mainspring.

Lovely and clean – and beating!

I adjust the movement, and I get a super straight line and very little positional variation. The 1020 is a great performer.

Time for some soldering. I use Bergeon feet that you can buy in a mixed pack – these feet are only 0.65mm thin, and normal copper wire is very hard to solder at that thickness. The Bergeon feet have a wider foot at the bottom, which provides a larger surface for the solder, and that gives a better joint.

With a non-spinning dial, a lovely Seamaster is back in service.


6 thoughts on “Repair + Service: Omega Seamaster calibre 1020

    • Use a fairly high wattage soldering gun, so that you can be quick. Apply a thin layer of solder to the new dial foot, and flux to the dial.
      Then put the foot into place, and very quickly heat it until the solder starts spreading.

  1. I am SO pleased with this, not only as I will finally get my watch back on my wrist, but also as it was originally a gift from my wife, and has been out of action for about a year! It will almost as good a gift to her, getting it back in commission. Lots of brownie points!
    Top marks for the soldering, and also for investing in the process.

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