Service: Bulova Chronograph 14EFAD

IMG_8695A very distinct looking watch, this Bulova chronograph! Rob sent it in for a service, as it sometimes stops.IMG_8696

Performance isn’t too bad considering the watch hasn’t seen a service for a long time.IMG_8776

What is marked as a Bulova 14EFAD is of course a Buren chronograph movement with a micro rotor. I love these – great movements, and the micro rotor is just a super construction.IMG_8777

That dial is just great.IMG_8778

The bezel is glued onto the case. Not quite sure that this is original 😉

I will fit a new crystal as the old one is pretty scratched.IMG_8784

The pushers are getting a good clean as well.IMG_8786

The movement does not only have an automatic winder, but also a date display.IMG_8787

The chronograph in all its beauty.IMG_8789

Time to take it apart.IMG_8794

Slowly but surely, I work my way through it.IMG_8800

Getting closer …IMG_8805

And the chronograph bridge is off, and we can now see the base movement. One of the great features of this movement is the intermediate winding wheel, which sits between two big round jewels.IMG_8815

The gear train.IMG_8818

The old mainpring in its barrel. You can’t get new mainsprings (or any parts, really) for this movement, so I will reuse the old one.IMG_8822

The bottom plate with the date mechanism.IMG_8824

A quite unusual clutch construction. When you set the time, wheel that drives the canon pinion can deform, so that the teeth can jump. If that’s elegant or not is another question 😉IMG_8828

Everything goes into the cleaning machine.IMG_8935

The mainspring greased and back in the barrel.IMG_8936

I put the balance jewels back into place.IMG_8938

In order to be able to put the gear train in, I have to put the bridge for the setting wheels back in.IMG_8940

Now I can put the gear train in. Only the escape wheel is jewelled, everything else runs in steel bushes.IMG_8942

Here you can see the steel bushes of the gear train.IMG_8944

Not fully wound, this is looking good for a first adjustment.IMG_8951

With the gear train beating, I now put in the micro rotor and its gears.IMG_8952

The winding gears back in place. All the pivots of the winding gear run in steel bushes as well.IMG_8953

I can now put the chronograph base plate back on.IMG_8954

And I start on the chronograph.IMG_8956

The chronograph put back together and adjusted.IMG_8957

Now I turn the movement over and put together the bottom plate.IMG_8959

And I’m ready for the dial and hands.IMG_8961

Looking good already!IMG_8984

Cased with a new crystal.IMG_8985And with the bracelet. Unusual, great looking watch!


12 thoughts on “Service: Bulova Chronograph 14EFAD

  1. Love this movement! Hey Christian im intrested in knowing what type of breaking grease you use in your automatic watches? A watchmaker myself ive heard all types of different answers from different watchmakers, some use Molybdenum Bisulphide, Moebius 8301, 8217 (which is what i use) ive even had someone tell me that they used 8207 or cheaper mainspring grease with added graphite. So what do you use?

    • On brass barrels, I use Moebius 8213. I apply a couple of small dots on the barrel wall, and then spread it very thinly with a yellow oiler, holding the barrel on a piece of sharpened pegwood. I do this under the microscope.
      Moebius 8217 is for larger barrels, but I don’t think that makes a lot of difference…

  2. Wow outstanding watch! really cool dial… I have to say that to me… the hands look a little off place being black and the dial blue and silver. Any thoughts about the lack of jewels on the gear train?

  3. Superb restoration Christian. I have the same exact watch, except for the missing bezel (common problem on this model). Mine just got out from the watchmaker for an overhaul. Some water came inside years ago, we had to clean a few parts and replace some. Yes, “NOS” parts are very difficult to find, especially both “reduction gears” of the automatic system, & the chronograph runner is a problem too. Your dial is gorgeous, mine has some oxydation. Would like to find a nice dial like yours (I hate redone dials). This movement is incredibly nice, same one we see on $3000-$6000 vintage Breitling’s & Heuer’s. Thans kfor all this info & great pics!

  4. Oooohhhh …. never seen one of those before. Want one! Great looking watch, I really like the slightly odd design. Bulova has never been my cup of tea, but I guess I’ll have to reconsider 🙂

    As usual, interesting post & great work!

  5. Cool to see a “Bullshead” version of the cal 12 Automatic! I did not know that Bulova actually made that. The lack of parts makes me worried about my Breitling Trans-Ocean. I think it will need to feature here in not too long:-)

  6. Hi Christian fantastic retro looking watch. From the first outside photo had not got a clue of the movement, but once opened instantly recognizable. Movement more often seen in Heuer Monaco or Breitling Chronomatic. Base caliber is a buren 1280 with a chronograph module designed by Dubois-Depraz. Always admired watches powered by this movement, but the nightmare of parts supply has always put me off. The amount of steel bushes is odd i thought more jewels would have been used. Many thanks again for your great blog.

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