Service Certina calibre 750/ ESA 6295

IMG_1239We usually do not do quartz movements, but as a part of my apprenticeship I will service this Certina.

It is missing its winding stem and is not ticking.

 IMG_1238Movement looks nice for a quartz watch. You just got to love how Certina just stuck a sticker with their “own” calibre on, even thought it is an ESA movement.IMG_1240The dial is in excellent condition.IMG_1242The date mechanism looks good.IMG_1243After closer inspection I can see that the date corrector operating lever is broken.IMG_1244I borrow a stem from another movement and after testing see that the watch is running with a fairly low consumption of 2.58μA but there is dirt in the movement and the date mechanism is sluggish.IMG_1309I start by removing the coil cover. I just love the hand-soldered contacts.IMG_1310The circuit board and coil come out in one piece.IMG_1311Electronics out of the movement. This is moved to the side, as it will not go in the cleaning machine for obvious reasons.IMG_1312Here you can see the hacking lever switch.IMG_1313Gear train visible.IMG_1321All the parts cleaned and ready to be put back in place.IMG_1322Gear train back in place.IMG_1324I fit a new date corrector operating lever.IMG_1323Date mechanism moving freely again.IMG_1325The watch starts ticking when I fit a new battery. I have fitted a new stem  with a proper Certina crown. The power consumption is now 2.48μA.IMG_1327Dial and hands back on the movement. IMG_1366The dial colour is actually a very dark brown and not black.IMG_1367The case has some battle scars, but the perfect dial makes up for it;)IMG_1368Not a bad looking quartz watch! All I need now is a Certina bracelet;)

10 thoughts on “Service Certina calibre 750/ ESA 6295

  1. I’ve picked up one of these movements (my favourite quartz) in a cheap donor watch but it came with no stem.

    Can you please tell me where you got a replacement stem and/or the part number?


  2. Great to see another post! I thought you guys weren’t posting anymore…I got scared! It’s been more then two weeks.
    Thank you! Even if it’s “only” a quartz 😉
    Great work! Waiting for more!

  3. Great work as always Mitka! If you would do me the honor, my omega seamaster quartz 120 m “plongeur deluxe” (aka jacques mayol) is in need and want of able hands for a service! 😉

      • let me know when you do, i already sent the watch to the uk with my sister! (i’m from Mexico and a big Eterna fan as well)

  4. Nice work! Very difficult to get the gears back together isn’t it? I repaired a swiss diver with a eta 255.411 and it took me a lót of time to get the trainbridge back on.

    I’ve got an old Greiner quartz tester, very handy to see if a circuit still “lives” and to adjust the rate of the movement 🙂

      • The gear train can particularly frustrating on these quartz watches as the rotor is magnetised and often don’t like sitting straight in their jewel hole!

        • Long time reader, first time poster…
          I place an old rotor on the front of the main plate under the rotor. This helps the good rotor to stay up right during assembly.

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