Service: Certina DS 2 calibre: 25-651

Certina DS 2Everything from the tiger-eyes dial too the beefy case tells you this classic is from the 70’s.

I bought this watch just before departing to the watchmaker school in Denmark. The watch was supposed to have been newly serviced. Certina DS2The movement looks to be in excellent shape.Certina DS 2I start by removing the rotor.IMG_2266The “floating” rubber ring that the movement sits in is still soft after 40 years. This ring was meant as extra sock protection.Certina DS 2Dial is in really great shape.IMG_2683I remove the date ring so it won’t get scratched while dismantling the rest of the movement. IMG_2689I remove the winding mechanism. IMG_2688Here you can see the auto winder gears. There is some serious dirt on that reduction wheel! I doubt this watch had just been serviced when I bought it. Not that it matters that much too me;)IMG_2690I remove the balance.IMG_2692I remove the train bridge. A good upgrade from the calibre:25-65 is that the barrel pivot holes are now jewelled.IMG_2697The old mainspring looks okay.IMG_2694Everything is clean and ready for reassembling.IMG_2697Mainspring is back in the barrel looking pretty fresh!IMG_2698I put the cap jewel back in the balance and test that it swings freely.IMG_2699  The barrel bridge is back in place.IMG_2700I make sure everything moves freely before putting the pallet back in place.IMG_2701Ratchet driving wheel, ratchet wheel and crown wheel back in place.IMG_2764The Auto reversing wheel has an inner pinion. It is important it goes back the right way.IMG_2763Self winding mechanism back on the movement.IMG_2772Winding, setting and date mechanism back on the bottom plate.IMG_2351I have polished the hands ever so lightly and applied new luminous compoundIMG_2774Hands back on the dial. I have applied new luminous compound on the dial and hands.IMG_2706I’m sorry there is no before picture, but I can guarantee you the result is considerably better;)IMG_2269The case should both have a polished and sanded surface.IMG_2275I start of by masking the parts so that I can preserve (in this case make new) sharp edges. Christian has a good article on case polishing IMG_27923 hours later and I put the movement back in the case.Certina DS2This is one funky beast!IMG_2801Side shot of the case.IMG_2800I do think the extra case work was worh it;)IMG_2935The famous turtle case back. If you want to read up on the history of the watch, here is a good article.

19 thoughts on “Service: Certina DS 2 calibre: 25-651

  1. Great work, I appreciate your blog a lot!
    As I just bought a Certina Blue Ribbon (Volvo 50th anniversary) and checked the movement (not with a Witschi, alas, just iPhone and app) I read up on the lift angle and it seems the 25-651 has a lift angle of 50, not 52 (as seen in the picture of your timegrapher).

    A related question, if I may: I’m a noob, really, but it seems vintage calibres tend to have lower amplitude ranges than modern ones. For a 25-651, what would you consider a solid amplitude, and at which point (below 200 when fully wound, for example?) does one need to worry and have it serviced by a competent watchmaker like you?

  2. Hi,

    How do you get te rubber ring back in place, it is such a tight fit, I am afraid to damage it. Do you have a clever trick for this?



  3. Nice work..i just picket up same model in gold,i wonder if it can be sanded to stainless?but first re atache min hand and replace u know were i can get a replacement?appreciate Cheers!

  4. Hi,
    Quick question, I notice that turning the crown forward I can hear clicks, is it also winding the watch? or just clicking. It is automatic. My dial is the same colour as yours but has 5 tiny bubles under the finish with what appear like small streak lines top and bottom? Is this patina starting.

    Many thanks

  5. Great-looking watch!

    I’m curious about the automatic winding mechanism. It looks like the power flow passes through the crown wheel on its way from the rotor to the barrel. Does that mean the crown turns by itself during automatic winding?

  6. Now, see, you could have had everything on my junk list in return for that 😉

    I do love those case-backs… I have a similar one on a Certina hummer from probably the same time.

  7. Hello and congratulations! I check this website daily! heheheh

    May I ask you how do you polish the hands? Thank you very much.

    And also I can see some Seiko diver hands… Looking forward for the completion! hahaha

    Regards from Brazil

    • I polish the hands by pressing it down on a cloth with polish paste and very gently rub in one direction. Yes there is some Seiko diver hands;) Enjoy the sun in Brazil!

  8. Certina DS models typically have pretty interesting case-backs — what’s on the caseback of this watch?

    GREAT work on the case, BTW!

      • Now, see, you could have had everything on my junk list in return for that 😉

        I do love those case-backs… I have a similar one on a Certina hummer from probably the same time.

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