Service: Eterna Matic calibre: 1420 U

Eterna Matic cal 1420This tiny ladies automatic movement is a real challenge as it is about one third the size of the standard men’s movement.
IMG_2220At first glance the movement shows some scars on the screw heads but no corrosion.IMG_2223Then I remove the auto winder assembly.IMG_2225The dial is in good condition, but the old varnish is in no state to be worn by a lady. IMG_2226Removing the dial I just can’t help but enjoy the beauty of this tiny movementIMG_2229I remove the cap jewels.IMG_2231I then remove the balance and unscrew the train and barrel bridge.IMG_2233In the barrel you can see that the mainspring consists of two parts; a standard main spring and a small spring with a hook on it that slides when fully wound.  IMG_2228I dismantle the setting mechanism.IMG_2234Everything is nice and clean from the cleaning machine.IMG_2235I grease the old mainspring and put it back in the barrel.IMG_2471Barrel and bridge back in placeIMG_2472Train Bridge and winding mechanism are in place so that I can wind the movement and oil the pallets.IMG_2473The movement starts ticking straight away when placing the balance back in place.IMG_2478Performance is excellent considering it still has the old mainspring.IMG_2227As I mentioned earlier the dial looks good for it’s age and I decide to give it a gentle clean in hot water with vinegar, I’m very carful so not to lose any lettering.IMG_2237A clean dial with a fresh layer of varnish.IMG_2479Autowinder bridge back in place. IMG_2480Dial and hands on the movement. IMG_2483The oscillating weight is the last part I assemble before closing the case.IMG_2486I love this tiny watch for it’s simple beauty and complicated movement.IMG_2488For comparison you can see how tiny this watch is next to a men’s Eterna.

8 thoughts on “Service: Eterna Matic calibre: 1420 U

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  2. looking at the photos it looks like the new varnish has ‘pulled up’ a bit around the hour markers – is this really there, or am I seeing ‘canals on mars’? Obviously, would be completely invisible to the naked eye…

  3. Hello!
    Could you please elaborate on how you oil the pallets?
    Do you oil it only once with a small amount of Moebius941?
    Or three times: once, advance the escapement wheel 5 teeth, once again, advance the escapement wheel 5 teeth, and finally once more?

    Thank you,

    • Hi Bogdan

      I usually oil the left pallet stone while not engaged. I try to hit the 2/3 of the pallet face. I then advance the escape wheel so the oil get’s evenly distributed on the impulse face. Most often I oil 3 times.

  4. Wow Mitka.

    That dial really makes this particular service stand out. The practice on the varnish removal really have paid off here.


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