Service: Nomos Club Date / calibre β (beta)

IMG_5117We’ve seen the alpha on this blog before, but not yet the beta, so it’s about time! Steven sent his watch in for a service, as it’s not performing any more as it should.

The Nomos beta calibre is based on the alpha (which is based on the Peseux 7001), and has the additional feature of a date display at 6 o’clock.IMG_5118

The nicely etched case back.IMG_5119

Yes, this watch definitely needs a service!IMG_5120

The gorgeous Nomos beta.IMG_5124

Now here is the smart bit – Nomos wanted to fit a nicely readable date disc, and so decided to make the inner diameter of the date disc as large as the outer diameter of the movement. This gives it extra space, and allows nice big numbers. Great if you are getting older like me 😉IMG_5128

With the date ring removed,you can see the date change wheel and the intermediate wheel.IMG_5133

The gear train with the hacking lever coming down from the sliding pinion.IMG_5135

Click on this photo and enlarge it – nicely engraved beta logo and serial number.IMG_5153

All is cleaned, and I can put the movement back together with a new mainspring.IMG_5154

The gear train is in place.IMG_5155

The winding and setting mechanism is back in, and I can wind the movement for adjusting.IMG_5156

Now that’s more like it. The beta performs as well as the alpha, and has very little positional variation. These are great little movements.IMG_5157

Now the date mechanism goes back in.IMG_5159

The movement has a large case ring, which holds the date disc at the same time.IMG_5160

The dial and hands are back on, and I can case.IMG_5161

A final adjustment and a new case back gasket, and we are done.IMG_5162


I have my eyes on a Nomos automatic date, but I’ll have to save up a bit 😉 Nomos makes great watches, simple, reliable, accurate, and, best of all, they supply parts to independent watch repairers like us!

7 thoughts on “Service: Nomos Club Date / calibre β (beta)

  1. Great pic-review. I’m waiting for the fist epsilon or zeta movement to be serviced by you and/or one of the new ultra-flat ones from Nomos!

  2. Nice and clever movement. I like the date disk trick and the opening for the barrel in the base plate.

    Question: You left the balance cock and wheel in place to wash all parts. Have you disassembled it once washed to lubricate the jewel under the balance wheel?

    Thanks for the info on parts availability. One more reason to get a Nomos. Keep posting, love your work.

  3. Beautiful manufacture watch. Better investing your money in an independant company rather than any of the equivalent offerings from the Swatch behemoth. I have hankered after a Nomos for many years now. 🙂

    Note the old faithful Chinese timegrapher is back to being a feature on the blog…a lot easier to read than the Swiss machine. 😉

  4. Nice job. Much simpler than some of your previous entries 🙂

    Do you always replace a watch’s mainspring during a service? This watch looks relatively recent. I’m surprised the mainspring needed a change.

    • We always replace the mainspring if we can get hold of a new one. They aren’t that expensive, and we don’t want to risk that the old one breaks after a short time.

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