Service: Omega Dynamic Date calibre 1108 / ETA2892A2

Roger sent this Omega to me as it stopped even when worn every day. Before taking apart the watch, I wanted to replicate the problem. After asking Roger for his permission to wear the watch for a couple of days, I fitted one of my leather straps and put it on.

Wearing it for 10 hours every day, it stopped on the third day at 9 a.m., just when I wanted to put it back on. I’m fairly active, and 10 hours of wear per day should easily have done the trick.

This Omega doesn’t have an Omega movement. Even though it’s marked “1108” and “Omega”, it’s really an ETA2892A2. A great movement that beats at 28,800, so nothing wrong with it at all, and nicely decorated on top.

After opening the case back, a dust cover protects the movement. I like those, as you normally can tell the difference, especially as watches get old. The ones with an extra lid tend to stay cleaner.

You can see here that Omega marked the movement as a calibre 1108… might as well have stuck to 2892 as it’s in reality an ETA movement 😉

The bottom plate is nicely decorated with perlage.

I very much like the 2892 – not only is it very accurate, but it has a quick date-set that works very well, it beats at 8 bps, has a hacking second, and it is well constructed.

Having taken the balance and pallet fork out, you can see the gear train with central second. The little brass lever at 7 o’clock is the hacking second lever that stops the balance wheel when the winding stem is fully pulled out.

The barrel bridge with the winding gears.

Waiting for a new mainspring, I put all the cleaned parts into a dust proof container. I’ve already put the balance jewels back and oiled them.

The mainspring has arrived.

The barrel wall gets some braking grease.

I start off with the barrel bridge, and then put in the gear train.

Top plate put together, with the balance happily swinging.

Now it’s time for the bottom plate.

Ready for the dial and hands.

Movement cased.

This is why I like the ETA2892!

I put the case back on with a new gasket, and check that the watch is water tight.

A great Omega with a sturdy, water tight case, and a super movement.

9 thoughts on “Service: Omega Dynamic Date calibre 1108 / ETA2892A2

  1. Hi Christian,

    I have a Dynamic III 5203 from 1997. I need to have the crown adjusted as the date setting function is not working correctly. I was told that it originally had a 1108 caliber movement in it and that if I send it to Omega for service they would replace it with a 1120 caliber movement due to problems with the 1108s. Have you seen or experienced any problems with the 1108 movements?


    • Hi Dave,

      The 1108 does indeed have problems with the auto winder. If your auto winder is working well, you are fine. Your diagnosis might not be correct, though. Never heard of “adjusting the crown”.

      Best regards,


  2. Christian. I live in Colombia, where is difficult to find this type of watches. I have been offered a Preowned dynamic just like the one you posted. Omega Colombia is not accepting it to check or service. They say they don’t have the technician to check this type of old watches. The price of the offer is US $ 500. It’s seems working fine. Do you think is too risky to buy it, taking into consideration that omega Colombia will not take care of it in case it breaks? Thanks for your opinion.

  3. Great post indeed! I bought my Omega Dynamic more than 15 years ago. It’s not my only watch but is certainly one of my favorites. I’ve even bought two more as presents for my brother and for one of my nephews. They all keep working just fine and now I know why. Thanks a lot!

  4. Sitting here updating all my watches because of daily savings time and stumbled onto your website. I bought my gen3 in Dubai duty free in ’98 and love the look. Unfortunately my watch has the same problem as Roger’s. Around 2004 in Bangkok I took it to the authorized Omega dealer and he said there was nothing wrong with it. But it keeps shutting down. Even when using one of those winding machines.

    Is there a shop in the USA where I can have them perform the service you described? I don’ like having to mothball this great watch because it keeps stopping.


  5. This is a fantastic post. I own a 3rd generation Omega Dynamic and it’s great to get to see how it looks inside without me having to pull it apart!

    Great work, looks like you did a good job.


  6. I am absolutely delighted with the work you have done on my watch. I will show my grandchildren, Finley and Toby and maybe it will inspire them into watchmaking. Many thanks again. Roger

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