Service: Rolex Oyster 6282 calibre 710

IMG_0632If I will ever get a Rolex, it will be one of the 62nn series. They aren’t too big (I got a very small wrist), and they are very elegant.

Tony sent this one in for a service and a new crystal, as it doesn’t work. You can wind it forever, but the movement doesn’t start up. So I guess it’s a broken mainspring.

A bit of dirt, but otherwise, it’s looking good. The plates are slightly discoloured, but that’s nothing to worry about.
The bottom plate is nicely decorated, as you would expect.
As usual, I start off with the top plate.
And that’s why the watch wasn’t working – the mainspring is broken.

A view of the gear train after removing the wheel bridge.
As usual, I start off with a new mainspring.
Having put the base movement together, I have a beat error of 2.9ms, and that’s too much. So out comes the balance, and I slightly turn the collet clockwise, and I hit it right on the nose!
That’s not being very good, that’s being lucky 😉
The top plate is complete.
The dial and hands go back on, and I’m ready for casing.
With a new crystal, the watch is looking great!

10 thoughts on “Service: Rolex Oyster 6282 calibre 710

  1. Hello, i Need a balance wheel or a complete balance for a 710 Rolex …anyone who have one for sale or a link where I can find?

  2. I’m looking for a 710 mainspring. I have looked over Ebay, but I dont know what actually Im looking for for measurements and stuff.

  3. Hi

    Are spare parts still available for this movement. I have a rolex Oyster Royal which I think has the same movement. I was told by Rolex that spare parts are no longer available. The watch works it just requires a service.

    also are there parts which wear out or are known to fail in this moment

    Thank you

    • From memory the watch is 1952 or 1953, at least that was what the shop told me. The dial was the main reason I ended up choosing this watch, I went looking for an automatic, but this caught my eye more !

      Many thanks to Christian for excellent service and communication through a very rapid response !

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