Service: TAG WK2110 / ETA2824-2

IMG_9918I like this TAG – the size is right, and the white dial gives it that understated look.

Benjamin sent it in, and it’s in need of a service.IMG_9917

This doesn’t look good, indeed.


TAG, as lots of other manufacturers, uses the ETA2824-2, the workhorse of the Swiss watch industry. It’s a great movement, and with its 28,800 bph, a very exact one.IMG_9926

You have a little customisation here, with the TAGHeuer engraved onto the rotor. Probably done at the ETA factory 😉IMG_9932

The mainspring looks a bit tired.IMG_9933

And not only is it tired, it has a kink, and it’s not flat.IMG_9934

I take the movement apart and clean everything.IMG_9935

The case straight out of the ultrasonic cleaner.IMG_9936

And you can see how even the hidden nooks and crannies are nice and clean.IMG_9937

The usual suspects get epilame treatment.IMG_9938

The new mainspring goes into the barrel.IMG_9940

And the base movement is ticking again.IMG_9941

This looks infinitely better than before, and that’s why I love the 2824-2. Incredible performance at a reasonable price.IMG_9942

The auto winder bridge back in.IMG_9943

And the bottom plate assembled.IMG_9945

The dial and hands go back on.IMG_9946And the movement goes back into the case. I waterproof test, and all is well.


8 thoughts on “Service: TAG WK2110 / ETA2824-2

  1. hello at all and good afternoon I’ve a question what you think about to insert a 2824 movement in a case of rolex submariner best replica that have inside a chip chinese movement

  2. Christian

    I understand that Tag is now using Sellita SW200 movements instead of the ETA2824-2 in their Calibre 5 movements. How do you rate the performance of the SW200? Is it just a ETA 2824-2 copy?

  3. Lovely job. Forgive my ignorance, but how does a mainspring manage to get kinked and bent in this way whilst sitting happily in it’s barrel? Could it have happened during it’s previous installation maybe?

  4. Thank you Christian for another excellent write-up and an incredibly quick turnaround. When I (eventually) return it to the old boy, I’m sure he will be very pleased! 😉

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