Please, please, please …

IMG_9218If you send me a watch, please include your name and address with it, and maybe a note what you want done with it… Somebody sent this fake Rolex in, and I don’t have a clue who it’s from and what to do with it. Please step forward!

13 thoughts on “Please, please, please …

    • Yes, he did – I think very few people are duped into buying a fake thinking it’s real. Most people want to wear a Rolex, but don’t have the money 😉

      • Just wondering if you’re willing to say: Are there ANY Rolex “knock-offs” that you feel are well-crafted and will last more than a few months (or weeks)?

        • There are some with decent movements, but how embarrassing is it to wear a fake? The quality of the assembly is usually terrible, even if the movement is decent.

  1. Does the postmark frank on the box match a previous client..?

    If it says “Beijing” assume it is a free sample 🙂

    • If I had kept the package, I could have checked the postmark 😉

      Even if it’s a free sample, I don’t think I will wear a fake Rolex any time soon!

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