Repair + Service: Rado DiaStar Magic / ETA2789

IMG_8915Alistair sent in this great looking DiaStar Magic, and it’s not working at all. When it comes to funky case and crystal design, it doesn’t get much better than what Rado used to do. This is as space age as it gets!

IMG_8918Even though the movement is marked as a Rado 2798, but in reality, it’s an old friend, the ETA2789.


The dial has suffered a bit, but there isn’t much I can do about that.IMG_8922

Bottom plate with day and date ring.IMG_8923

The day/date change mechanism now visible.IMG_8928

The gear train.


And here is our culprit – one of the case clamps broke in two, and a bit got stuck on the barrel. No wonder the watch isn’t working!IMG_8931

The second hand arbor has a bit of rust on it, but that will come off.IMG_8933

The mainspring is still in very good shape, and I will leave it in the movement.IMG_8941

Almost done.IMG_8947

All ready for the cleaning machine.IMG_8948

The cleaned parts ready for reassembly.IMG_8949

Epilame treatment.IMG_8950

As I’m reusing the mainspring, I wind it up again.IMG_8951

Wound and ready for the barrel.IMG_8952

The barrel wall got some braking grease, and the mainspring itself gets some mainspring grease.IMG_8953

The balance jewels are back in.IMG_8954

With the wheel bridge back in, the gear train is moving. You can now see the ETA stamp and calibre number.IMG_8955

And the base movement is ticking again.IMG_8957

Oh yes, baby!IMG_9080

The auto-winder bridge is back on.IMG_9081

And the bottom plate comes back together.IMG_9082

Hands and dial back on.IMG_9086And cased.

IMG_9087A classic!




12 thoughts on “Repair + Service: Rado DiaStar Magic / ETA2789

  1. I want to ask about how can i find angine rado diastar magic 2789 with date day is in the bottom? And how much price must i pay if i want to buy it?

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  3. I love the crystal concept on these… but am not sure I would get on with one. I am a simple person with simple tastes 🙂

  4. Am I correct in thinking this is a stone dial?
    I have a Rado Diastar “magic40” special edition but as yet I have not been able to find out what the magic 40 is in reference to or indeed what is “special” about the watch!

    I wonder if the Diastar is one of those love or hate things. I love the diastars but my wife falls into the hate….so far.

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