Repair: Rado Diastar

Nick sent me this Rado Diastar. It’s very hard to wind and set, and it needs sorting out.

The Diastar has a pretty unique crystal, which is divided into 9 sections, with the outer sections dropping off the middle at an angle. A very appealing, but maybe slightly confusing design when trying to tell the time 😉

There is a lot of gunk around the winding stem – looks almost as if someone used silicone on there… good for a shower cubicle, not so good on a watch 😉

Same gunk where the case back gasket should be. Always interesting to see what other people get up to!

Gunk alert on the case back, too.

I clean out the whole mess, put in a new O-ring gasket, and close the case.

6 thoughts on “Repair: Rado Diastar

  1. random guy here…

    i thought vintage rado’s should have a 8 serial number stamped on the back inside? is this just a myth?

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