Repair + Service: Nomos Tetra / Peseux 7001

IMG_0979This Nomos came all the way from Hong Kong, and it isn’t working any more. You can’t wind it. Let’s see what the problem is…

It’s pre-2005, so it has the Peseux 7001 movement. A simple, hand-wound movement, but as classic and simple as the watch design, so this is the right movement for this watch.

Nomos makes beautiful, Bauhaus design watches, and my first proper watch was a Nomos Tangente.

IMG_0981The case back already gives me an indication of what’s wrong…

IMG_0982Parts of the winding stem have rusted away, and left dirt all over the movement. This is the Hong Kong climate for you – very humid, lots of sweat, and even though the Tetra is supposed to be water resistant, there was moisture coming in through the crown.

IMG_0983A very simple keyless works construction.

IMG_0985It’s been a while since this movement has seen a service, and there is dirt and solidified grease all over.

IMG_0990One of the screwed cross bars (instead of spring bars) has a home made screw in it, so I will need a new original one.

IMG_0993My cleaning fluid will take a serious pounding 😉


I start off with the usual new mainspring.IMG_1042

That’s a lot cleaner!IMG_1043

The balance jewel back together and oiled.IMG_1045

And the movement starts beating. Oddly enough, the movement almost stops in dial down position, but works without a problem dial up. After a bit of investigation, I notice that the pallet fork is bent, and touches the jewel setting in dial down position. After fitting a new pallet fork, the problem is solved and the watch performs in all positions.IMG_1046

The keyless works nice and clean.IMG_1188

On the timegrapher.IMG_1189

That looks nice!IMG_1194

Now the dial can go back on.IMG_1195

And I can case the movement.IMG_1286

You can see how far the old winding stem has degraded. I won’t be able to get that out of the crown without it snapping off, plus I need a new crown as that’s where the humidity has entered the watch. The good news is that I have an account with Nomos, and the very friendly people in Glashuette send over the parts within a week.IMG_1287

The new cross bar for the watch strap.IMG_1290

I mount the new gasket with silicone grease.IMG_1291

The new crown with the “Nomos” name on it.IMG_1292

And the watch gets a new strap as well. The dial has two small scratches, probably from someone removing the hands without the right tool, as they are both close to the centre of the hands.IMG_1293Back to its former glory.

13 thoughts on “Repair + Service: Nomos Tetra / Peseux 7001

  1. About getting spare parts from Nomos, do they allow watch enthusiasts like me to buy spare parts for repair myself? What qualifications do they require if any?

      • Thanks Christian for your response.
        I got in touch with Nomos and Stowa about the same time I post the question to you as I was searching for answers.

        Both manufacturers have now got back to me. Nomos does not sell parts to private individual. Their response was, “We’re glad to provide retailers with spare parts, but cannot deliver them to private address.”
        On the other hand, Stowa response, “We can send replacement parts if you want to make a repair on your own.”
        I am going to order a Stowa watch today.
        I just don’t understand why some manufacturers think it’s OK to choose not to sell parts to watch owners (who fully paid and own their watch).

  2. Hello Christian, I’ve been browsing your blog for a while, awesome stuff!
    I really like the Bauhaus look of Nomos watches. What do you think about their current Alpha movements, is it just a beautified version of the Peseux 7001?

  3. A very nice looking watch. I hope at some point soon you will service a Nomos, with the manufacture movement.

    I note that the movement holder appears to be a plastic material. Is that component simply cleaned with warm soapy water, & rinsed?

    • Yes, I can’t wait to get my hands on one of the new Nomos in-house movements!

      The case ring goes into the ultrasonic cleaner together with the case and case back, where it is cleaned in a special cleaning solution. It then gets rinsed in water, dried with some kitchen roll, and is then left to completely dry out.

    • With the new crown and new case back gasket, the watch will hopefully be a bit more resistant to the HK climate. Nomos changed the case design of the Tetra, and the newer models have a case back that is held in place by screws. There is a good reason for that, as it’s as good as impossible to get a square snap case back to be water resistant.

  4. I like Nomos! Always quite plain simple elegant designs. Never too fussy. From what I’ve read quite well constructed! Very German! 🙂

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