Service: Omega “Bumper” 2635-1 calibre 352

IMG_1295It’s been quite a while since I’ve done my last bumper, and this one comes from Sweden. It’s in very good condition for its age, and the dial has very few marks.IMG_1297

Some scratches on the movement, and it looks like it’s been serviced a couple of times, which isn’t a bad thing.


Looks like the dial was restored at one point – I don’t think I would have spotted that just looking at the front.IMG_1301

No dial washer present…IMG_1304

Time to take apart the movement.IMG_1310

The usual dirt, but all the parts are in good shape.IMG_1314

Into the cleaning machine.IMG_1315I got a whole load of Bergeon mainsprings for the bumper movement from Australia, as I couldn’t find any over here. I still have 11 left 😉


And into the barrel it goes – I have applied braking grease to the wall already.IMG_0002

Now the gear train goes in.IMG_0003

And the movement is ticking.IMG_0004

1.3ms is fine for a collet-corrected beat error, and I will leave it at that. I have a good amplitude and good beat rate.IMG_0007

Now it’s time for the bottom plate.IMG_0008

The “hammer” for the auto-winding mechanism.IMG_0009

And a new dial washer for the hour wheel. Somebody scratched “20” next to the jewel….IMG_0010

Dial and hands go on.IMG_0011

And I can case the movement.IMG_0012

A new gasket for the case back.IMG_0013Final adjustment.

IMG_0021And into the autowinder for testing.

3 thoughts on “Service: Omega “Bumper” 2635-1 calibre 352

  1. Sweet!
    Bumpers, and the RG versions are really special.
    Omega lists this reference as a 351 or 354 caliber watch, however it seems that Omega used the 352RG movements instead of the 354 for chronometer certified models for a short period. This may be a good example of this.
    Nice watch!

  2. What would make me think the dial had been re-done is the way the chapter ring obscures the “Swiss Made” text. It looks good though 😉

    I once broke an unbreakable mainspring; I was quietly rather pleased with myself…

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