Service: Citizen calibre 8210A

Joel sent in this lovely little Citizen with the 8210A movement. It beats very feebly, and the timegrapher can’t pick up the signal.IMG_6074

And here is the culprit – a deformed hairspring.IMG_6075

Before doing anything else to the movement, I reshape the hairspring and test it.IMG_6084

Now I take the movement apart for cleaning.IMG_6087

There is a huge amount of grease under the barrel, and the barrel and lid have separated.IMG_6091

A nicely constructed bottom plate with a quick-set date.IMG_6097

Now everything can go through the cleaning machine. I managed to get hold of a complete barrel with mainspring for only £7!IMG_6237

I put the base movement back together, and now we can see how my hairspring reshaping went…IMG_6238

That’s not shabby at all for a Citizen!IMG_6242

A very nice little watch!

5 thoughts on “Service: Citizen calibre 8210A

  1. Hello from Romania!
    If I buy the barrel (complete) from cousinsuk, does it come oiled or do I have to disassemble it and oil it myself?

    Thank you, and congrats on you work!

  2. Looks nice, that little Citizen.

    This watch reminds me of my day-date auto Citizen in the early 1970s.

    What age is this one?

  3. I own several Citizen’s with type of movement…I’m not convinced of the winding efficiency of the unidirectional rotor. Maybe it’s how I wear them 😉

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