Service: Citizen Diamond Flake Calibre 0.700

IMG_7793Panos has bought this beautiful Citizen from me. Back in 1963 it was the thinnest sweep second hand watch in the world being only 2.7mm thick!

The watch has a broken setting lever spring and is not running like it should.

IMG_7794The case-back is a little worn so we decide to send the case off to Canada to be restored.IMG_7797The movement looks to be in good condition with no corrosion or obvious damage.IMG_7798As I expected the setting lever spring is broken.IMG_7799When removing the train bridge I notice that someone has used a piece of watch paper as a washer under the train bridge. I suspect that there will be an issue with the train bridge being to low and blocking the gear train.IMG_7800The movement is coming apart nicely.IMG_8443Here you can see the old mainspring.IMG_8444The movement has been cleaned and is ready to be put back together. Not the huge amount of various cap jewels.IMG_8445New mainspring goes in the barrel.IMG_8446Here you can see that the balance moves freely after fitting the balance jewels. This base plate is fully jewelled.IMG_8447Here you can see the gear train. I found that the train bridge blocks the gear train when I tighten the screws down, hence the reason for the previous watchmaker using watch paper to unblock it. I got to say it’s not the worst solution in the world as the watchmaker has not damaged anything, but after a little inspection I notice one of the jewels is pressed down to far, I adjust this jewel with the jewel press and the gear train runs freely again without the use of watch paper;)IMG_8449The movement is back together looking great.IMG_8448Super performance.IMG_8722Sometimes it helps when the customer finds parts, as I was not able to find it myself. I was impressed when Panos was able to find the correct setting lever spring!IMG_8612Putting the hands on this watch is an operation in itself, as you have almost no clearance between the hands and dial!IMG_8619The movement back in the case looking super 🙂IMG_8616The case restoration is very good as usual from ReplateIt in Canada.IMG_8617Now that is a perfect dress watch!
IMG_8815I was given permission by Panos to show you just how great this watch look on the wrist! Must say I had second thoughts about selling this little gem;)

10 thoughts on “Service: Citizen Diamond Flake Calibre 0.700

  1. Reminds me of the Russian caliber 2200 but that one didn’t have a seconds hand at all. The movement was 1.85 mm thick but the bridge plates deformed easily so it was a flop. I’d like one but they are rare.

  2. I want to start by saying Thank You to Mitka for offering this little gem for sale and for being so helpful and honest throughout the entire sale and repair process.

    I must admit I never expected to be fascinated by vintage Japanese dress watches, but the Diamond Flake is one of the most beautiful pieces currently in my small collection. It looks even better than my late 60s Omega Cosmic (previously revived by Christian).

    I also want to give a big shout and huge Thank You to Stephen from Sweephand’s Vintage Citizen watch blog for kindly donating the super-difficult-to-find set lever from his own movement.

    I never expected to find the part, and after going through endless movement photos on ebay, I was ready to admit defeat. However, after stumbling upon Stephen’s wonderful website, I decided to give it a shot and ask him if he was willing to sell me the part. To my surprise, Stephen very kindly offered to donate the part in order to breathe life back into this wonderful watch.

    This past weekend, I wore it for the first time at my brother’s wedding reception, and today, the refurbished Diamond Flake is sitting on my wrist as I type this message, gleaming as it peeks from under my shirt cuff.

    Thanks again to both Mitka and Stephen for all your help and support!

  3. Very nicely done. Great result! I’ve used Replateit a few times after finding them on your supplier list. I’m very glad I did. Sometimes just for a polish and others for a full restoration. Always 1st-class results! And I’m in Canada so they’re “just down the street”. Best part is Peter always puts a Werther’s Toffee in with the completed item!

  4. Great work, Mitka, on a lovely watch that’s both representative of its age and demonstrates how Japanese makers were pushing on with technical innovations. Also a sign of how you’re going from strength to strength in picking out what was wrong with that jewel setting.

    Out of curiosity, what’s the case diameter? It wears large on your wrist, especially compared to your favourite 32-34mm models, and the dial/movement photo also suggests that it’s relatively large for an early-60s dress watch.

  5. Had one of these come into my shop a few months back, awesome watch! Will definitely have to try the guys in Canada for replating!

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