Service: Omega Constellation 168.019 calibre 751

IMG_6554This is one of two Constellations Boris from Germany has sent in. I wanted to share this one, as the watch is in rare excellent condition.IMG_6555

It does need a service, as the amplitude is low.IMG_6556

First glance at the movement. No scratches, the screw heads have been used before, but carefully enough.IMG_6557

Spanish if I’m not mistaken 😉 Well, the little “E” gives it away if you are in any doubt.IMG_6563

All as good as new.IMG_6571

Everything in almost as new condition!IMG_6659

I start off with a new mainspring.IMG_6661

The basic movement is back together and ticking.IMG_6664

Now it’s time for the bottom plate.IMG_6665

The date and day ring go back on, and I’m ready for the dial.IMG_6666

I case the movement without the auto winder.IMG_6667

Now the auto winder and oscillating weight go back on.IMG_6668

That looks nice!IMG_6669And that looks even nicer …


22 thoughts on “Service: Omega Constellation 168.019 calibre 751

  1. I’ve done a good job of repairing you.

    Can you tell me the ring part number of the date and date?

    I had to replace it, but I couldn’t find it, so I left a question

    • Sorry, but that doesn’t quite scan. I guess Google translate isn’t as good as it should be. Best send me a photo with the part you need, and I’ll try to help you.

          • I received your reply well. But I am faced with difficulties because 751 rotor.

            Is the 751 rotor compatible with 550?
            and I need the pin part number to hold the rotor in the middle.

            I always thank you for your kindness.

  2. Very beautiful work.
    I am wondering if 168.019 (steel ring) can be replaced/modify to the WG verison to 168.029
    Is it still possible to order the original crystal (omega logo) to this watch? Thank you.

  3. Can you give me the size for the crown? I can easily get one from Cousins, I just have no idea which one would suit? I have just obtained a gold version of this watch, but with a badly worn crown. Any advice would be much appreciated.

    • The watch is of course back with the customer, so I can’t measure the crown. Measure it, and you will find a replacement on the Cousins website.

  4. Great looking work!

    What serial number watch crystal did you use on this watch?

    I have a 168.029, and the replacement crystal for this watch is supposed to be the same fit. I am trying to find an Omega crystal WITHOUT the Date window for my watch – as I simply prefer the look of it.

    Can you give me a part number? Or direct me to one?


  5. that is a beautiful watch..

    Christian, do you post a blog for each watch you serve? or do you just choose to post some of them? I will sign up for the next service batch, my watch aren’t a special one. But to see all the step you do is one of the reason I want to send you my watch for a service.

    if your answer is that you only post the more interested watches, would it be possible to get some pictures and a few words about the service on the “personal page” where a you can see how far long gone the service have proceed?

  6. Lovely 751. The last of the true great Omega classic movements (3/5/7xx series)!
    The dial is also just fabulous.
    C-shape case designed by Gerald Genta (if you do not know the name it is time to read up on one of the greatest names in watch design).
    A true and timeless classic!

    • It’s a very similar shape to the case on my 2571 SeaStar that Christian serviced way back in August 2012, but which I cant seem to link to for some reason…

      I know Tissot and Omega were merged in the 30s, but don’t know where they were at in the 70s when the SeaStar was made – maybe its shape is due to their common heritage, or maybe Tissot were actively copying Omega at that point. Or maybe it is just a “case” of convergent evolution 😉

      • Tissot and Omega was under the same umbrella (SSIH) from 1930 until the Swatch Group took over. They are still together.
        The C-shape case was designed by Genta back in the 1960s. He made designs for Omega, Universal Geneve, Audemars Piguet, Patek Philipe and several others.
        I have C-shaped watches from Omega and Zenith. “Old School” collectors are sometimes skeptical to the shape, but I believe this is changing with a younger generation of collectors.

  7. That is a good-looking movement… indeed a good looking watch!

    The winding ratchet wheel – I am intrigued as to how and why the screw holding it in place is eccentric… how does it rotate?

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