Service: Omega Dynamic calibre 630

A Christmas surprise for Tim’s partner – a lovely Omega Dynamic. The idea behind the Dynamic was that the customer could easily swap the watch strap according to taste. A small downside to this is that the watch straps are well in the order of £100, so you wouldn’t have too many of those around 😉

This one definitely needs a new strap, a new crystal and a service.

The ring on the back of the movement holds the strap. The case itself doesn’t have a back that opens, and the movement comes out through the front.

The watch still has its original tool to take the strap off, even though I didn’t use it for fear of breaking it – the ring was on that tightly…

To get into the watch, I remove the crystal.

Quite a small movement, the 630. It’s a manual wind.

A lovely and tidy little movement.

Everything is in good shape – no water ever entered this watch.

All ready for the cleaning machine.

The new mainspring has arrived.

Top plate back together and ticking.

Bottom plate ready for the dial.

Back into its case, ready for the new crystal. I test the watch on the bench for a day first, as the pressing on of the new crystal should be done last. You don’t know if you will ever get it off without breaking it.

New crystal, new strap, looks great!

11 thoughts on “Service: Omega Dynamic calibre 630

  1. I have a lady’s dynamic with a bad balance. (calibre 630) Can I swap the balance form a calibre 620?
    By the way your presentations on watchmaking are magnificent.

    Bets regards, Bill.

  2. Just bought the mans version on leather as the bracelets are really cheap and nasty (got one on a chronostop) sharp and uncomfortable as is the case with the bracelet on the dynamic chronometer.

  3. Hello,
    I just buy the same movement 630 or did you find spare parts.
    how to remove yourself driving wheel.
    Nice work.
    thank you Pasquale

  4. Hi,

    i love your work!

    i always wondered why the old mainspring is always in the cleaning basket when you almost always replace the mainspring? is it just a force of habit, or are you hoping to be able to reuse the old mainspring before deciding on using a new one?



  5. Christian, Thank you very much for a lovely job. These are super looking watches – I’m now on the hunt for the larger mens version for myself. However I’ll need to find one with a good strap – I don’t want to be buying too many more at £100 each!

  6. As the original retail set included the special case-back tool, would a second interchangeable leather strap have been included? Perhaps in blue to match the large second hand.

    With the dial the size of a penny, it would be difficult to read the face (for me anyway), never mind looking small on the wrist. The Dynamic must have been a sports watch aimed at Women, as the dial certainly has a sporty appearance, and has Tritium fill to the hands and dots to the face.

  7. I love this model of Omega, and they show up on eBay and various For Sale sections of watch forums for not outrageous prices, but I am certain one would look too small on my wrist ;(

    Didn’t know there was a special case-back tool for them – interesting to see one 😉

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