Service: Omega Seamaster 300 166.0324 calibre 552

IMG_5287I don’t think I will ever see this in the workshop again. A NOS case with crown, bezel and crystal, dial, and hands for an Omega Seamaster 300, and a movement that is as good as new.

Aitor from Spain is the proud owner of the parts, that will magically transform into a NOS Seamaster 300…IMG_5290

The donor movement is in very good condition indeed.IMG_5291

But nevertheless in need of a service.IMG_5297

The gear train.IMG_5302

Going into the cleaning machine.IMG_5331

I put the barrel back together.IMG_5332

Then the balance jewels go in.IMG_5333

Time for the gear train.IMG_5334

And we have a beating movement.IMG_5336

That’s looking rather nice.IMG_5337

Now I can put the bottom plate back together.IMG_5339

And the auto winder bridge goes in.IMG_5340

A new hour wheel.IMG_5341

With a new dial washer.IMG_5342

A NOS dial in its original packaging.IMG_5343

A rare sight indeed.IMG_5344

New hands all around, too.IMG_5345

The movement is cased. This could well be a factory photo 😉IMG_5346

How many of those do you get to see in your life? Probably my first and last in this condition.IMG_5347

Side view with the new crown.IMG_5348I will leave the protective sticker no the case back.

Now the only problem with the watch is that you can’t really wear it, or can you?


16 thoughts on “Service: Omega Seamaster 300 166.0324 calibre 552

  1. Hi, congratutalions
    Your whatch is wonderfull.
    I have a 611 movement i’d like to utilize It in one projecto like yours.
    Could you send me the steps tô build ir properly ?
    Shure about your prompt return

    Antônio Gomes Filho

  2. I just love dive watches with this classic profile. It’s a gorgeous watch Just out of interest, would a purist accept it as an Omega as it was built outside the Omega workshop?

  3. I wouldn’t be too sure Christian, you may have one or 2 more on the way. There’s a seller on ebay (in Australia) selling these NOS kits, and he’s got quite a few for sale!

    Coincidentally, I just finished a service on a Mil spec SM300 (166.024). Not in mint condition of course….

  4. Always worried about putting leaving balance on movement when spinning around in the old emla (which i think you have the same as?)

    has it ever damaged the balance spring?

    watch looks incredible.

    • I always put the balance cock back onto the plate after having removed the jewels, and put it into the cleaning machine like that. So the balance is nicely protected between the plate and the balance cock.

  5. Excellent work. I’ve had my SM300 rebuild for about five years now and it’s still running beautifully. Watchmaker gave it a pressure test and said it’s good to 200m.

    • Teeritz
      I like your website musings.

      I really wish I could get in to reading, I only ever seem to do reference reading.

  6. Wow Christian thanks for showing us this one, i think most of these parts must be omega service items but who cares the watch looks fantastic. The movement looks as if it has been in a time capsule for 50 years, what a pleasure to work on the owner is very lucky to have this one.
    Omega could sell this one in one of its boutique”s next to the new homage piece imagine what the price would be with Omegas new pricing structure.

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