Service: Omega Suverän calibre 30T2 PC.

Omega Suverän This unusual Omega was made by Omega in Switzerland and sold to the Swedish government that would in turn sell the watches on to the Swedish public. This scheme was to boost the Swedish economy during and right after ww2.

First impressions of this watch is a little dubious; someone has with a sharp item removed the old luminous compound with great enthusiasm happily scratching the dial in the process. The hands have some badly applied luminous compound and the minute hand has been damaged. I am starting to think that I have bought a rotten egg.IMG_4595The case back is stamped Omega SuveränIMG_3057The watch is running and the timegrapher result is not as bad as I was expecting IMG_3056Eureka the movement is in great condition.IMG_3890Taking the movement out of the case the minute hand’s luminous compound falls out leaving the hand even more deformed.IMG_4573The movement with the cap jewels taken out.IMG_4572Setting mechanism on the dial side.IMG_4574Ratchet wheel, crown wheel and balance taken out.IMG_4575The barrel bridge and train bridge removed.IMG_4576I notice that there is random use of transparent jewels on the bottom plate. I have never seen that before on a Omega. IMG_4577Old mainspring in the barrel.IMG_4579Nice clean parts ready to be put back together.IMG_4580New mainspring in the barrel.IMG_4581I test that the balance moves freely.IMG_4582Movement back together ready for the balance.IMG_3891I adjust the beat error on the balance since there is not regulator on the balance cock.Omega Suverän Nice performance for a 70-year-old watch.IMG_4585I decided to do my best to improve the looks of the dial rather than sending the dial of for a total restoration. I have applied new luminous compound on the letters of the dial, I decide not to use the aged look as this job is difficult enough to get right as it is.Omega Suverän I manage to reshape successfully reshape the minute hand.Omega Suverän Movement goes back in the case looking incredibly good for a 30T2.Omega Suverän I’m very happy I decided not to fully restore the dial!Omega Suverän You surly won’t have any problems reading these numbers in the dark.Omega SuveranI’m a Eterna guy, but every once in a while I’m tempted to wear something else;)




10 thoughts on “Service: Omega Suverän calibre 30T2 PC.

  1. Hi, all of you, well, i am a Swiss-Watchmaker with a decent obsession for these Omegas… it is, for a simple kind of product high interesting, the heavy difficulties in War-Time, Switzerland, surrounded by the Nazis an other related Forces, what a struggle then, to produce Watches, that explains the high variety in détails of this period, the stock of parts lasted wide in to the 50ies… so, no wonder of finding syntetic saphires instead of same rubies… greez to all of you! Chris

  2. Oi , muito lindo este Omega . Eu tenho um 265 ano 1949 e no pude deixar de notar que este Suvëran no tem os disseres “swiss made” nas 6hs do dial . O meu também não tem , saberia o motivo ? Obrigado

  3. I’ve seen clear coloured pallet staff jewels for the earlier 30mm calibres, but haven’t seen clear plate jewels before. Interesting.

  4. Just out of interest on a black dial watch like this one could’nt you removed those white specks(very carefully) with a black perminent marker pen or would this affect the original black paint?

  5. I bet the owner will be Eterna”ley” grateful for the work you’ve done on his watch!!

    ^^ See what I did there ^^^ 🙂

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