Service Revue watch for the blind calibre: GT77

img_1099A friend of mine is blind and I thought this Revue would make a cool gift. The minute hand has broken off and the watch is hardly running so a service is in order.img_1100The movement is in great condition.img_1101You press the button on the top of the crown, which opens the front bezel, and you can feel the time by touching the hands.img_1102I have taken the dial of the movement and you can see the winding mechanism and a bit of corrosion around the barrel arbour.img_1103I take the movement apart without any problems.img_1104The old mainspring is still good and I will take it out, clean it and use it again.img_1105Here you can see all the parts cleaned and ready to be put back together.img_1106I start by testing that the balance moves freely after fitting the balance jewels.img_1107When putting the gear train back on the plate. I usually start with the barrel and the centre wheel.img_1108Here you can see the rest of the gear train back in place.img_1109I now place the train bridge back in palace, and with the ratchet wheel in place, I can see that it moves freely.img_1110The balance starts swinging straight away.img_1111Nothing I could do about the discolouration on the base plate, but the setting mechanism is back in place and working like it should.img_1112I needed a minute hand with a reinforced tube. I did not find any that suited the job so I soldered a standard hand onto the old tube.img_1113Dial and hands are back on the movement.img_1114I’m very happy with the performance.img_1115Movement back in the case looking very good. I think these Revue watches are excellent! One of the most underrated brands out there.img_1116A very elegant watch indeed.

12 thoughts on “Service Revue watch for the blind calibre: GT77

  1. I have s brand new braille watch ,both hands have come off ,day one ,was agift ,cant tell psrtner ,no shops ,can anyone repair thanks 0xxxxxxx

  2. I came to your list as a result of a google search. My died recently, and I came across a braille watch which feels as though overwound. Where can I get it repaired? I am totally blind myself, so I do not know what kind of braille watch it is.

  3. Mitka,
    One was indeed up for sale just last week on ebay. Have not unfortunately been able to find the reference again to send you but you might know how to do this better than me.
    Good luck.

  4. I’ll keep an eye open, but also do something that I normally would not do here; plug a modern watch… A blind friend of mine is very happy with his Eone:
    I can imagine it being way too expensive, since you can easily repair/service a cheaper second hand or antique watch, but I like what they’ve done, and the fact that a part of every purchase goes to helping train guide dogs.

    More on-topic; it was a very nice watch and repair. Good luck!

  5. The sad news is that someone stole this watch from the locker room when my friend was swimming last week. So if anyone sees it for sale on a online action please let me know.

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