Taking a break

We are taking some days off for the half term school holidays, renting a cottage in Richmond.
For Valentine’s Day, my wife gave me something to read, and now I have the time to do so!


6 thoughts on “Taking a break

  1. What did you think of the book? I’ve just read it and I thought it painted him in a pretty unflattering light, in terms of the way he thought about other people. He didn’t mention his daughter once (she just popped up in a photo of him meeting the queen) and the way he appeared to think about his wife and roger smith was slightly cold, to say the least. Clearly a mechanical genius, but…

    • Yes, I thought the same thing. He seemed to value his tweezers higher than his wife and daughter.
      A friend of mine met him once, and he politely described him as someone “who doesn’t suffer fools gladly”.
      I can also clearly see why the Swiss watch industry wasn’t too keen on him. He basically walked in and said that his invention was superior to anything else, and didn’t like anyone questioning what he claimed…

  2. I’ve got the Kindle version of that book… it’s rather good, but I would like an actual physical copy.

    Enjoy your break 😉

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