Teardown + Service: Hamilton Myron calibre 980

The Hamilton Myron looks very much 1940s – a child of its time, when men’s watches were a lot more feminine. A bit like my Alpina.

This was sent in by Dom from Connecticut, and it’s his grandfather’s watch!

It’s running, but with an amplitude of 135 degrees, it’s in real need of some love, cleaning and oil.


The movement is easily lifted out of the case.

I’ve taken the hands off straight away to protect them (the tiny second hand is later pulled off together with the dial), and I then lift the movement out of the case back. This is a gold filled case.

The movement is pure joy to look at. Even though very few people would ever set their eyes on the movement, great care was taken to make it a thing of beauty. That’s craftsmanship. Compare to a Hamilton Fontainebleau watch 30 years later – when they used Swiss ETA movements.

The wheel train visible after the bridge is removed.

The bottom plate is quite simple, as there is no date or other complication.

I remove the jewel caps for cleaning.

I put the balance assembly back on the plate to protect it whilst it’s in the ultrasonic cleaner.

The mainspring looks tired and will need replacing.

After cleaning, rinsing and drying the parts, they go into an airtight container ready for reassembly. It will take a while to get the mainspring (and maybe even a new crystal).

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11 thoughts on “Teardown + Service: Hamilton Myron calibre 980

  1. I am trying to reassemble my deceased grandfather’s Seckron 980b. I am having a hard time getting the escape wheel and power train side together correctly. I asked Hamilton if they had any detailed diagrams and they would not provide. They kindly offered to repair the watch but I want to try it myself. Any advice?

    Many thanks,

  2. I have a Hamilton Myron 14k gold filled. It’s dated 5-3-1927 I would very much like to sell. $250 o.b.o.

  3. i have a Hamilton movement wrist watch made in u.s.a 980 17 j g545581. and i cant find this watch anywhere i wanted to know the history and vaule

  4. I have a Hamilton Myron and purchased some parts and similar movements online to see if I could swap out parts and get it running. I got it running for about a day and a half and then I (foolishly) tried to disassemble and try it all again. Now it runs and stops, runs and stops. Wondering if anyone would be interested in cleaning/working on the watch in return for any excess parts leftover.

  5. I am looking for a set of watch hands for my Hamilton “Myron” watch model. Any suggestions?
    Terry Rowse

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