Service Alpina calibre 598

Alpina 598This is an early sweep second Alpina based on the 592. It has a broken setting leaver spring and mainspring.

IMG_0358Movement is nice and clean.IMG_0360 Nice perlage decoration. You can se the broken setting lever spring that I later replace.IMG_0424Base construction is the same as the 592.IMG_0488Plenty of perlage decoration all over the main plate. IMG_0489I’m happy with that performanceIMG_0492Movment back in it’s case and looking great IMG_0496This watch also has a dust cover. These covers really help keeping dirt away from the movement. IMG_0495 - Version 2 I like the second hand together with the overall design of this watch.


15 thoughts on “Service Alpina calibre 598

  1. Hey,

    I just bough a alpina watch. The dial needs cleaning and that’s the reason why i’m posting this message. How could i clean it without damaging the writing etc.

    Thanks, Alex

  2. Hi Christian, I have a small dint on the lug of my watch (stainless steel) is there any way I can make it look a bit better? Although you have to look very closely to even see it.

        • Hi Christian off topic I know, but have you ever had a Bremont in your workshop? Some of their technology seems interesting and massive looking cases! Very expensive for a such ‘young brand’ though.

          • Hi James,
            Read your post, and took a quick look at Bremont.
            I think they use ETA derived COSC certified movements (SOPROD). Excellent quality, but as (almost) always at a high asking price.
            Very elaborated cases and designs it seems, but depreciation will normally be far worse for a “new” brand compared to the established ones. C´e la vie!

          • I’m with Anders here. If you buy an Omega for that money, you will get most of your money back in 10 years time. With a Bremont, I’m not so sure.

  3. Alpina is one of the mostly forgotten greats! Love them!

    It is also a nice parallel, as you are learning the crafts, that the base movement (cal 592) you have been working on was elected by the watchmaking school of Biel/Bienne in 1948 as its didactic (training) caliber. Only the best movement and the most precise movements have been used by this school in its history.

      • Alpina was one of the first companies to define “sports/utility watches”. They called it Alpina 4:
        – Antimagnetic
        – Antishock
        – Water Resistant
        – Stainless Steel

        Alpina is “recovering” as a modern brand, and they have some quite nice new watches as well. Also with “in-house” movements.
        Christian has serviced one of mine, and there are a couple of more in the box:-)

      • Afraid not! 🙂
        Born in Oslo, Norway, and living some 40km outside of Oslo still. Would love to visit Bienne though.

        • After the many interesting watches you send Christian, i should have recognized you right away! 🙂 i lived in Bienne for a few years and although not the prettiest city in Switzerland (you could sense it suffered during the quartz crisis) it had a very unique spirit that I loved!

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