Service: Breitling Top Time / Venus 188

IMG_0805In my book, the Breitling Top Time is one of the chronograph watches that I would happily wear. Two reasons for that – it’s relatively small, and I have a tiny wrist, and it’s non-fussy, simple, and elegant looking.
Charles, who sent this one in, probably feels similarly 😉
Performance is a bit patchy.


The movement is in very good condition – just in need of a service.IMG_0811

The case has lost some of its gold plating, and I send it off to be replated.IMG_0879

The hands look good, and will just get a light polishing.IMG_0882

No hour recorder, so the bottom plate is quite simple.IMG_0883

The chronograph mechanism with the central second runner, and the minute recorder on the right next to the crown. The minute recorder does 45 minutes.IMG_0893

The movement has a small plate over the click wheel.IMG_0896

Escape wheel and fourth wheel have their own small bridge.IMG_0903

The gear train.IMG_0904

Somebody put in a mainspring that is way too long – the spring should only cover 1/3 of the barrel. Also, the spring end is deformed.IMG_0908

Everything goes into the cleaning machine.IMG_0997

Let’s see how the new mainspring fits into the barrel.IMG_0998

Yep – that’s what it should look like.IMG_0999

I put the balance jewels in.IMG_1000

Then the gear train goes on the plate.IMG_1002

The base movement is back together and beating.IMG_1003

The bottom plate completed.IMG_1005

Not too bad – the movement will increase amplitude after a bit of time, and we will see that later.IMG_1006

Now I can start putting the chronograph back together.IMG_1008

All done, and I adjust depthing, and I’m ready for casing.IMG_1009

I lightly polish the hands, and the dial and hands go back on.IMG_1010

The case, crown and pushers hve been replated and look great.IMG_1025

With a new crystal, this watch just looks stunning, and I want it!IMG_1012

The case is as good as new.IMG_1013
Tell me you don’t want it 😉IMG_1024

And, as promised, the amplitude is where is should be after two hours of beating.

8 thoughts on “Service: Breitling Top Time / Venus 188

  1. looks great i am going to send in my dads to time so i can restore it for him as xmas presents this year…may take me that long to get a booking with watch guys !!!!!
    everyone is loving your work 😉

  2. Wow Christian all the components of this service come together very well to produce a great looking and performing watch. I think Charles will be very impressed when he gets his watch back. Totally agree about the size and style you can’t beat a quality vintage watch.

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