Service: Omega Bumper calibre 28.10RA

This poor little bumper looks a bit tired. The crystal is scratched, the winding stem is broken and the crown is missing.

So Martin decided to send it over to revive it.

I try out a crown I have that fits quite nicely, and send a photo to Martin to approve it. As I can’t get hold of the original Omega crown, he’s happy with my choice.

Having taken the movement out of its case and the dial off, I notice that the set lever spring is broken. It’s my lucky day, and I can get hold of both winding stem and set lever.

The top plate comes apart.

Ready for the cleaning machine.

As usual, I start off with a new mainspring.

Wheel train back on the plate.

Barely wound, this is looking good.

The wheel for the second hand arbor is pressed on.

The new winding stem needs cutting to size.

That brushed up nicely – great looking watch, and I just love the noise of the hammer “bumping” against its springs.


2 thoughts on “Service: Omega Bumper calibre 28.10RA

  1. Hello, i’m a professionnal watchmaker in Belgium , and i need one part 350.1410 (driving gear for crown wheel) for OMEGA 28.10.RA.SC.PC

    Can you help me ?

    Thank you

    Philippe MAQUINAY

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