Service: Omega Speedmaster 175.0032.1 calibre 1141

IMG_0432Yes, everyone wants one of these. The Moonwatch.

Chris (our normally Rado Chris) is the lucky guy, and he got it from a chap in Japan at a good price. All it needs is a service, and that’s what I’m going to do.IMG_0434

The balance has a very low amplitude, and something is wrong with the hairspring.


First look at the Omega 1141 movement. The base movement is the ETA2890A2, and you can still see that on the plate next to the balance.IMG_0441

The auto winder bridge removed.IMG_0442

I correct the hairpspring problem, and that already looks better, but the movement definitely needs a service.IMG_0443

Great dial and hands.IMG_0444

The chronograph module. Movement and chronograph module can be easily separated, and I like that.IMG_0445

I start off with the movement.IMG_0448Enough old dirt and grease here.

IMG_0451 - Copy

The usual dirt and old grease in the mainspring barrel as well.IMG_0455 - Copy

Having removed the top plate of the chronograph, you can get an eyeful of the mechanism. There are two unusual things about the 1141: Firstly, as I already mentioned, the movement and chronograph module can be easily separated, and secondly, the minute and hour counters work continually, e.g. they don’t jump every minute by one, or every 30 minutes by one, but move continually, which is quite a nice feature. The operation of the chronograph is very smooth as well.IMG_0461 - Copy

Some solidified grease, but not too much dirt.IMG_0472

Bit by bit, I take the chronograph apart.IMG_0479

Not far to go now!IMG_0487

These three screws are used to fix the chronograph to the base movement.IMG_0489

And now I can take apart the rest of the movement.IMG_0495

Have a look at the amount of parts going into the cleaning machine …IMG_0561

I start off with a new mainspring.IMG_0562

The barrel bridge put together.IMG_0563

The bottom plate done. You can see two wheels in the middle. The bigger wheel transmits the power for the hour and minute hand, and the small wheel in the middle transmits the power for the chronograph and small second hand.IMG_0564

The wheel train put back together.IMG_0565

Once the movement is back together, I start on the chronograph. This is a slow process, and I meticulously follow the step-by-step instructions in the manual, which show every part and the lubrication that has to be applied.IMG_0566

The first wheels are in.IMG_0570

Slowly but surely, I am getting somewhere.IMG_0571

After a couple of hours, I am ready to put the cover plate on.IMG_0572

Now I adjust the movement and put it on the chronograph module.IMG_0575

Proof is in the pudding. With the chronograph module mounted, you want to see a beat rate that is as constant as without the module., which shows you that everything is put together and lubricated correctly. 1141s that need servicing will show meandering or jumping lines.IMG_0576Ready for the dial.


I just love this dial. Super slick, no fuss, no frills.IMG_0580

I case the movement without the auto winder.IMG_0581

And then put the auto winder on.IMG_0582

As straight as an arrow.IMG_0584

What a beauty. If I could afford one, I’d have one as well!IMG_0585 IMG_0586The bracelet goes back on, and I’m done.




49 thoughts on “Service: Omega Speedmaster 175.0032.1 calibre 1141

  1. Hi! After servicing my Omega 1141, I can’t get the chrono hands to zero on reset. I’ve tried adjusting the gaps in the hammer but it’s driving me crazy. When I assemble the DD module (after adjusting the hammer gaps), the chrono hands have 5 -10 seconds of movement when reset and don’t return to the same position. Any ideas?

    • Actually, I was able to get the adjustment correct. With the chrono reset, I turned the eccentric until two of the chrono hands were securely homed. it was no longer in the orientation shown in the manual. Then I started the chrono which moved the hammer away from the chrono counter wheels. the minute counter was the one that still wasn’t homing with the hammer. using a screwdriver, I opened-up the gap in the hammer for this counter wheel. I slowly adjusted the gap for the minute counter until all three counter wheels were in contact when reset. I’m sure that you already know this but perhaps someone will find it helpful.


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  3. Great read. I am getting the exact same watch (circa 1995) serviced by a watchmaker I haven’t tried before– little nerve racking! Great to see the DD module.

    The dial on mine has aged similarly to the one you worked on here, although mine has faded to a dark gray with deep yellow indices and the lume on the hands are almost black/dark yellow.

    Do you think the one you worked on here had its hands replaced at some point?
    Thanks again

  4. Christian,

    Nice to see someone showing some details on these DD modules i have been looking all over for a manual on LWO-238 i have one i would like to give it a shot on but would be great if i had a manual like you to get the job done correctly. Im sure you are very busy but if you might have a chance and or time to sell me a copy of this module or 1140 i would really appreciate it very much.

    Best regards

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  7. Hello Christian,
    I just purchased a used Speedmaster Reduced 3510.50 with the 1143 movement. Is there a “best practice” for protecting the chronometer mechanism? I’ve been told some older auto chronos can be somewhat fragile, but know nothing about the Dubois-Debrois movement. Also, any significant differences between the 1143 and 3220 calibers? Thanks, and awesome post!

  8. I bought a swing ETA 2892-2 Chronometro degree, operation of 1143 may be reasonable? or do you think that the march had been in good, for regulation, can be very bad gait

    • Certo, como não achei o balanço com espiral para movimento 2890-a2 ( so na autorizada omega ,e eles não trocam so o balanço mas tambem pulsadores,acrilico,juntas,polimento,e ai fica caro pra mim ) acabei comprando um balanço ETA 2892-2 grau crhonometro ,minha pergunta : com uma boa regulagem o espeed vai manter uma marcha boa ,o terei que colocar o original omega para 1143 calibre ?para ele funcionar corretamente ,

      • Yes, you will get good performance out of the ETA balance. The Omega balance is made to a higher grade specification than the one of the standard ETA movement, but performance will be very good.

        • se eu quiser enviar para você fazer um serviço no meu Omega 1143 ,como devo agir ? e poderia me disser o valor de um serviço como este que foi feito no 1141?.

  9. sou um fa do senhor ,poderia me disser por favor qual a ´presição deste movimento e a reserva de marcha ?

  10. Great watch and a great watch maker .
    I have the NOS bits for making up a reduced ( Movement ( 1140 , dial ( mine is white ) pointers , bracelet etc ; but I need a really good case and bezel ) ; any ideas please .
    Any comments on the difference between 1141 and mine 1140 and any comments on the white dial please .

  11. From one watchmaker to another can I ask where you got ahold of a step by step instruction manual for the movt? I just serviced a Tag with a 2892 with DD chrono module and it took me a while to get it back together. It would have been alot easier with a manual lol. Thanks

    • Hi Mike,

      I downloaded the pdf from – you have to search a bit to get to the right base calibre, but I’m sure you are familiar with that.

      Best regards,


  12. Absolutely stunning. I have a confession. The “dark side of the moon” edition they launched recently is seriously tempting. But I’m not a huge chronograph fan. If I had to choose it would be a speedy pro or a zenith striking 10th.

    A man can (and should) dream.

  13. Very nice design! But I much prefer those vintage versions, which has the Lemania 2310 movement. They are the true moon watch.

    • The original Moonwatch is a thing of beauty, and probably the more desirable version.
      What I like about the 1141 is the performance of the movement, and the precision with which the movement is made.
      Maybe Omega should make a vintage version with the original movement.
      Technology is about evolution, and with time, a manufacturer should strive to make better and better movements. That’s what Omega does.

      • No doubt this 1141 movement has excellent performance.

        I have a Speedmaster with Lemania 1873 movement and a vintage one with Lemania 2310 movement.
        In terms of accuracy, the newer one with 1873 movement is better. However, the column wheel design on 2310 gives me a smoother feel for the chrono functions compared to the shutter/cam design. And I think the accuracy difference is not that much related to the movement design.

        I believe the evolution of technology does bring benefits to movement design, but it appears to me that sometimes they are more related to reducing cost.

  14. What a superb piece of craftsmanship…… and the Omega is good as well.
    As a collector of old Tissot watches, I cannot aspire to the dizzy heights of such a work of art, but could you give me an indication of the price one would pay for a watch in similar condition ???

    (Thank you Christian, a wonderful strip and rebuild..)

  15. Oooooh can’t wait to get it back! 🙂
    Excellent work and super fast turnaround as always! Many thanx!!

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