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  1. Nice article. I guess the next step is video 😉

    The open way Christian works versus the ‘secret’ way in which most watchmakers work, reminds me of the way a lot car mecahnics seem to work (at least here in the Netherlands); you bring your car in, get it back a couple of days later with a long list of repairs and parts that were replaced, and no way of knowing if they’re bullshitting you or not. And there have been plenty of stories where checks by professionals pointed to fraud, so it’s not a moot point IMO. Thanks once again Christian for letting us see…

    PS: Good to see that WUS is not just one man’s opinion, and that many share Christian’s view that ‘original is better, but that doesn’t mean that a fake can’t work for you’ (my words, not his).

    • I’d be interested to know if the way Christian approaches a service is the same way other watchmakers do?
      Being originally myself from an IT background and knowing Christian has an IT background I see a very structured approach to his work!

      • Good question … a couple of things come together here. Firstly, I am a German Master of Trades, and that 10 year training leaves its traces – you become slightly anal. 😉
        My IT background has taught me to look at everything new with interest and without a preconceived opinion, and that helps as well. There are lots of watchmakers out there still not using epilame, and still not using the right lubricants, and still using the ways they were taught for cleaning, lubricating, etc.
        I always look at everything available, and then test out things myself. Once that’s done, I compare notes with others, and then make up my mind how to do things.
        Hopefully, that process always gets me the best possible procedure. Until something new comes along 😉

        • Yes – I recall asking you if you used epilame and you stating you weren’t a big fan of it… clearly you have changed your position on this, presumably due to your testing and evaluation of new things?

          • Yes, I’ve been testing epilame thoroughly, and I find that the result I get, especially when oiling the escape wheel teeth / pallet fork jewels, are a lot better, and, most of all, last longer. The oil doesn’t creep up the teeth, and stays exactly where it should be.

      • I have a little watch repair shop myself, and in my experience, 75% of the watches I get I don’t need to change parts, but the mainspring. A good clean up and oiling fixes in most cases the problem. I don’t know if other watchmakers have the same approach as Chris, what I do know when reading this blog, is that I have the same method of working as Chris.

  2. I thought you were banned from WUS. ? As I understood the owner didn’t agreed with you repairing a fake/homage watch ? 🙂


    • I was approached by Torsten, who is a good client of mine, and very active in the Chinese Forum. As I thought it would be a very interesting job, I took it on. Everyone on the Chinese forum is very nice, so I don’t really have an axe to grind with them. Love thy enemy 😉

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