Guest Post – Repair: Junghans cal 693 (J93s1) by Sean

DSC01502After seeing Christian service a Junghans ‘Max Bill’ in a previous post, I decided I loved the clean dial, and to see if I could get my own. I found this poorly watch in a job lot for £10, and although it’s battered, the dial is in great condition (with the little bauhaus 4 :-)), and it runs. That’s a good start! Continue reading

Service – Cortébert Pocket Watch

So, a few months ago Christian very kindly offered to open his blog up to his fans, and i’ve decided to take him up on this offer! My name is Sean and I live in the North West of England. I’m an electrical engineer by trade, but have spent the last 6 months indulging myself in the world of watch repair and renovation, and have begun to reach the point where I repair more watches than I destroy!

Over this period, I have learn’t much of what I know from 2 things. Firstly from my own costly mistakes (usually where the best lessons are learned!), and secondly from the wealth of information available online, and in the second instance, nowhere more than Christians blog. I hope that by adding a few of my own projects, I can pass on some of the things i’ve learned along the way.


The first project i’d like to show everyone is a rather fine pocket watch I serviced for a colleague. It’s a swiss made Cortébert movement in a Dennison gold-filled Half-Hunter case. I’ve dated it vaguely at about 1930’s to 1940’s, and the movement is somewhere between a Cal. 526 through to a Cal. 548, but a highly decorated version. It needs a service and the dial needs cleaning up due to what appears to be a glue mark. Here we go… Continue reading